Madden NFL 13 reviewed by special guest, Marc “Knuckles” Carter.

Madden NFL 13

Developer: EA Tiburon

Publisher: EA Sports

Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360

Release Date: Aug. 28, 2012 (US), Aug. 31, 2012 (EUR)


EA Sports never disappoints me. As the years progress, the game of Madden gets better and better. EA Tiburon (the developers on Madden NFL 13) definitely gave the game a much needed “face-lift”.

The first thing I have noticed when I first played Madden 13 was the all-new “Infinity Physics Engine” which EA did promise its players that “no two hits are ever the same”. And they are right! Multiple points of contact are used to produce much better tackles and hits, making the game even more realistic than ever. But the one flaw from that is that you will never know if you’re going to trip when you run a halfback play up the middle or to the outside as well. This new Infinity Physics Engine system can definitely make players look lackadaisical (arms flailing, players flopping after the play is over).

Other than that minor flaw Madden still gave its fan what they have asked for, and that’s a better passing system. The new pass trajectories with more ways to catch the ball and even better pass placements that you can still do manually (by guiding the pass with the left analog stick) gives players more room on the field where they can throw the ball. Madden 13 gave me more options in the passing game. Leading receivers enabled better runs after catch, and now I can put the ball where just my targeted receiver can get his hands on it. Like Madden 12 where a linebacker would jump “freakishly” high to swat the ball or a cornerback or safety would sprint to the ball even if they didn’t see it, Madden 13 made sure they corrected those issues. They made sure that only the receivers/defenders who see the ball can rightfully respond to it.
Even the quarterback’s time in the pocket is improved thanks to new features like the option to cancel a play action pass if you see a blitz coming and quick moves to avoid being sacked.

Another cool feature of Madden 13 is the “Connected Careers” mode which introduces XP in which you can upgrade players and coaches as well. And it’s awesome because now the XP system let’s you upgrade your players in the areas that you want to build up. Once you get started on Connected Careers, you will put a lot of time in building your player, coach, and even your team to that dynasty caliber squad that you have always wanted.

One feature of Madden 13 that they showed during E3 2012 was the Kinect Voice Command where you can act like the quarterback or a defensive captain and shout out pre-play commands. But honesty, I doubt that you will use it that often because most likely after coming out of the huddle you may have at least 10-15 seconds left, and you better pray that the Kinect hears you accurately or else you can get called for a delay of game. In my opinion, I don’t have time for that!

So overall Madden NFL 13 is definitely a must buy for any Maddenite who have been playing Madden since the dawn of time. For those who want to get started on Madden, NOW IS THE TIME! Madden 13 supports 1-4 players locally and up to 6 players online. Rated E for Everyone and is out in stores now! Now it’s time to defend my title!

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