Leaked info suggests Dante’s Return!! Devil May Cry 5 ‘may be’ PS4 exclusive!!

I’m coming back, baby!

After so much time, there is some info about a new title for the original Devil May Cry series. Rumors of a fifth game in the original timeline have been circulating for some time now. A user over at ResetEra by the name of Son of Sparda may have the inside scoop on the next step in Dante’s journey. This is pure speculation so if any info is not on the money, ResetEra will delete Son of Sparda’s account. Supposedly, Devil May Cry 5 (pending title) will follow the events of Devil May Cry 4 and feature Dante and Nero as playable with a third character planned. A trailer is said to be shown at E3 2018 with a planned release date of late 2018 or early 2019. The game is supposed to feature better graphics, gameplay and boss battles. The source, according to Son of Sparda, goes on the talk about possible plot lines, returning voice actors including Rueben Langdon reprising his role as Dante, the “possibility” of DMC4 protagonist Nero being Vergil’s son and the hinted return of Mundus, the King of the Underworld. To reiterate, nothing has been confirmed. This is pure speculation.

Devil May Cry 5 is supposed to feature improved graphics, making for better level design and animations. The stages are more open than in previous titles but not to the level of Dark Souls. Also, they are to be ‘Bayonetta’ inspired, so there could be separate sections to complete and earn extra points to improve your ranking. Other proposed changes are focused on clothing and action animations. Should this come to fruition, Dante’s sword may finally stop going through his coat. Dodging is supposed to be smoother and the gameplay is said to be 60 fps, the same as in previous Devil May Cry titles. There are proposed improvements to the AI as well. Enemies may adjust their tactics depending on which style set Dante is using, i.e.~ enemies may defend against bullets or melee attacks should Dante use Gunslinger or Swordmaster styles. Now, some fans complained about the camera system during combat, mostly how enemies are moved off screen during adjustment and obstructing the player’s view. The improved camera system would pull the view back keeping the action centered and making all enemies visible. It will be interesting to see how this would work. Other clues are Trish is penned for a more prominent role and Vergil could make an appearance.

That was before. The user has updated their information. Devil May Cry 5 will be released for the PS4 and then for PC at a later date. There is nothing tangible to solidify this so we will have to wait for an official announcement from Capcom or the development team. Speaking of the team, it has been said that the same team who worked on the previous DMC games would be working on DMCV. Devil May Cry 5 may employ Unreal Engine 4, which is very likely considering many games use Epic Game’s popular engine. As a fan, I am excited for another DMC game with the original characters but at the same time I’m also concerned that it may be too late. Devil May Cry 4 come out nearly ten years in 2008 for the PS3. It has been reissued for next gen consoles as a remastered title. According to the leak, Devil May Cry 5 is supposed to be a follow up to Devil May Cry 4. Fans all know that the fourth game is set before the second game which is technically the last game. Chronologically, part 5 would be placed before the part 2 since it is a continuation of part 4. Alas, this would conflict with the idea of the fifth game being the end of Dante and Vergil’s story. Hopefully, this doesn’t become the case and a different approach is suggested. Once more, the info is not solidified and nothing has come from Capcom directly so this should be taken with a grain of salt. Contrariwise, if there is any truth to the development of a Devil May Cry 5, or DMCV as it is intended to be called, then changes can be made along the way as it is still early to verify anything. As a fan, I welcome the return of the original cast and have missed them since DMC4. Admittedly, I am also among the select fans who have no issues with Ninja Theory’s take on the franchise and enjoyed it for the action packed title it is. While this info doesn’t exactly answer the questions, it does give hope for Dante’s return, however. This will be tracked closely and we’ll see what truths, if any, lie in wait. Until then, keep your trigger fingers crossed.

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Source: Devil May Cry 5 PS Exclusive, Leaked Details
Devil May Cry 5 PS Exclusive, Coming to PC later

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