Launch of Polaris!! Revolution S2 Ep.12 Recap!!


Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her father Gene Porter (Stephen Collins) determine that the Patriot are spreading the disease deliberately

Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her father Gene Porter (Stephen Collins) determine that the Patriot are spreading the disease deliberately

Miles, Rachel and Monroe return to the cabin to find Charlie and Gene missing. Searching for them they come across the Patriot quarantine camp where they find Gene and Charlie who are helping the Patriots with the incoming patients. Rachel makes her way into the camp while Miles keeps watch from a nearby hill. She finds her father and Charlie. Truman asks her about Miles and Aaron. Gene and Rachel work to help the people of Willoughby. They believe that the disease may not be Typhus. Charlie takes a blood sample from a person who died from the disease and brings it to Rachel. After examining the blood sample, she finds Gene and tells him that the Typhus was created by the Patriots. Meanwhile in Spring City, Ok, Aaron is visited by the nanotech taking the form of Cynthia. Gene and Rachel figure out that the Patriots may have a cure. Miles finds the note left by Rachel asking him and Monroe to find the vaccine. Conner disagrees with the idea. Monroe talks into his son in private about helping Rachel in order to keep Miles on their side. Miles, Monroe and Conner sneak into the quarantine camp and head to the basement of the paper mill that has been cleaned out of all equipment by the Patriots. While tending to patients, Rachel notices that certain people are coming into the camp. Talking with Gene and Charlie, she determines that the people are being targeted by the Patriots. Gene then suddenly collapses.

Later, Rachel finds a letter left by Miles. She tells her father Gene about the letter stating that the storeroom is empty. Truman corners Rachel and asks her about Miles. Miles knocks him out while Conner takes out the other soldier. Aaron and Pricilla head to Texas as asked by the nanites. Miles and Monroe interrogate Truman about the antidote. When he refuses to reveal the information, Miles injects him with the disease. Disguised as a Patriot soldier, Conner walks into Willoughby with Truman who takes him to his office where the antidote is kept in safe. Just as Conner takes out the antidote, Patriot soldiers burst into Truman’s office with guns drawn. In Washington, Neville and Julia meet in a park where Neville tells her that her husband has Jason. Julia questions her husband about Jason’s whereabouts which he keeps secret. Later, she searches through papers and finds Jason’s location. After talking with Julia, Neville arrives at and sneaks into the house where Julia and Doyle are having lunch where he finds Doyle with a gun pointed at Julia’s head and several soldier with guns aimed at him.

“Now here you creeps, punks and freaks
I’m talkin’ ’bout virus from the street
Spread that virus, go for hell
Check out the resistance of your cells ~ “Virus” by KMFDM

Ed Truman (Steven  Culp) public enemy #1.

Ed Truman (Steven Culp) public enemy #1.

Truman and the Patriots are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing. First, they arrive into Willoughby with the promise of new prosperity along with the return of the U.S. government. Now they’re creating genocide by infecting residents with a disease. Not all of them either, just specific residents who may not fit into their plans for the town. Truman is removing all the “bad” people so only the “good” residents remain. Long and short, it seems the Patriots (who are definitely not patriotic by any means) want to purify the town so that only the people who love them remain. They won their favor by offering oranges laced with by my guess, some kind of mind control drug to make everyone one of them. Think of it as a military version of the “Stepford Wives.” It’s a crazy plan of Truman’s but he’s no slouch. He uses the outbreak as a cover up and asks Gene to help out. He knew Gene wouldn’t resist lending a hand but he also knew that Gene likely would have figured out his plan so Truman infects him with the disease which keeps Rachel and Charlie (acting as nurses) occupied. Well, it was almost a good plan. Miles along with Monroe and Conner capture Truman and make him take Connor to the antidote. But that crafty Truman had a contingency plan. With a simple look, he was able to alert his soldiers to trouble. Randall Flynn was smart like a fox. Calvin Horn was crazy a thousand ways of Sunday. Ed Truman is smarter and crazier than both of those guys who are now dead. I don’t see Truman getting caught and meeting the same fate. He is just too sly and seems to be one step ahead of everyone, including Connor whom he just met. And now that he has Monroe’s son cornered, Truman has a trump card to get at Monroe and Rachel leaving Miles to pick up the pieces.

Tom and Julia Neville ( Giancarlo Esposito and Kim Raver) plot against Julia's husband Victor Doyle

Tom and Julia Neville ( Giancarlo Esposito and Kim Raver) plot against Julia’s husband Victor Doyle

So I was wrong about Julia (yes, it has happened). She didn’t become a conniving bitch overnight. She was like this a long time ago after the blackout. Back then, Jason was ill and needed food. Tom finds a pair of men who have a stockpile of food. They beat the crap out him when he tries to take it by force. Julia devises a plan to get what they want. She seduces one of the men while Tom kills the other before taking out the second men. In a way, Julia made Tom the man he is. She knows how to talk to him in order to get him to follow her plan. This coincides with their plan now involving getting Tom to a higher position in the Patriot army, a plan that went awry when Jason was captured for breaking into Doyle’s office. Julia seduces Doyle so Tom can take out the other man—namely, the Secretary of State and his wife. However, this doesn’t pan out like before. Doyle knew about them all along and planned ahead. Monroe was clearly right. Whoever the Patriots are, they are more dangerous than Randall Flynn. Correction, they are more dangerous than a thousand Flynns.

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