Land of the Free!! Revolution S2 Ep.3 Recap!!


revolution_2-3_milesRachel, Gene and their posse find Miles and rescue him. Titus’ men attack the group as they try to escape. Gene takes the girl who was in the room with Miles to safety. After Miles and his group leave, Titus goes to the room to find her missing. Neville and Jason have been enlisted into the Patriots. They intend to work their way up and destroy them from inside. However, their chances of revenge are cut short when they are attacked and knocked out by a group of men. Miles, Rachel and Gene return to Texas with Titus’ wife. Titus has followed them with an army and demands to see his wife. Miles threatens to kill her if any of his men make a move. Titus makes a threat of his own if Miles lets his wife die. One his men takes Titus aside and tells him that killing the towns’ people is not part of their deal. However, Titus isn’t listening.

revolution_2-3_charlieIn the Plains Nation, Charlie is still on Monroe’s trail. The bounty hunter tells her that he needs Miles alive to save his father from the Patriots. Titus’ wife tells Rachel that she does not want to go back to her husband for the terrible things he’s done. Miles is faced with a difficult choice. As promised, he shows Titus that his wife Jessica is doing fine. Miles goes out to speak with Titus. Meanwhile, Tom and Jason are found out by the men who took them. Miles makes his offer to Titus to allow everyone in town to leave unharmed in exchange for Jessica and him. Jessica is not willing to go back to her husband. Rachel finds her after she slits her wrist with a broken glass jar and then she dies.

While searching for him, Monroe knocks out the bounty hunter and takes Charlie to a trailer where he shows her wanted poster for him and her mother. Rachel tells Miles about Jessica committing suicide. He tells her to keep quiet so as to not raise suspicion. As the town’s people gather their belongings for the evacuation, two of Titus’ men sneak into the town. In the refugee camp, Neville and Jason are detained by Patriot soldiers. Neville tells them that he wants Monroe for killing his wife Julia. The soldiers are not buying his story. Just when one of them aims a gun at Tom, Secretary Allenford stops him and accepts Tom into the Patriot army but not without keeping him on a leash. Meanwhile, one of Titus’ men sneaks into Gene’s house and finds Jessica dead.

In the Plains Nation, Charlie questions the bounty hunter about the wanted posters. He tells her that the men who hired are Patriots from Cuba and that he lied about his father. Once they see that he has no more information to give, Monroe knocks him out. He offers to help Charlie and her family deal with these men seeing that they are just as dangerous as Randall Flynn. Charlie refuses Monroe’s offer.

Revolution - Season 2Learning about his wife’s death, Titus orders an all-out assault on the town. Miles uses the measures he put in place to hold the marauders off. While searching for a place to hide, they are cornered by the bandits. Miles and Rachel make a valiant stand. Rachel is critically injured and Miles fights on to protect her. Just then, they, along with the rest of the town, are saved by U.S. soldiers. The soldiers raise the familiar “Star Bangle Banner” signifying the return of the United States of America.

Now if you thought Sebastian Monroe was the worst kind of person you want to meet then guess what; there’s somebody worse. Titus Andover was a school dean who was about to be charged as a pedophile before the blackout. Free from restrictions, he leads an army of warriors that have been terrorizing the town of Willoughby, Texas. He has been taking people from the town and using their blood to keep his sick wife Jessica alive. Miles was taken for the same reason until he was rescued by Rachel and her father Gene. Miles rescues to other imprisoned people who are most likely from Willoughby. Feeling a sense of justice, he’s got to save an entire town from Titus’ tyranny which should be easy if Titus hadn’t smashed his hand with a mallet. With a guy who is as far gone as Titus is, Miles knows he will one day slaughter the town after having already attacked once before. Miles can’t let him kill everyone especially Rachel. No doubt he is reminded of how his former friend Monroe lost touch with his sanity but Titus is way worse. Monroe only killed when necessary. Titus kills indiscriminately. Miles tries to reason with him when he brings his army to the town to take back his wife whom Gene rescued. He knows this will not last long and Titus is close to snapping like twig if anything happens to his wife.

While this is going on, Rachel tends to Titus’ wife Jessica. Jessica is aware of the people he has killed to keep her alive and tells her that she doesn’t want to go back with her husband, stating that once she got sick she would free. Clearly this suggests that Titus has done more than just watch a few boys towel off in the shower. Rachel takes this to heart and informs Miles of this. Miles cannot sacrifice the lives in this town just to sake of one life which, likely to him, is a liability. The woman is on her dead bed so why try to save her, right? It’s a tough choice for Miles to make but he’s made tougher. Remember, he almost assassinated his childhood friend so picking and choosing who lives and dies is not that difficult for him. In other words, if he sends Jessica back to Titus when he asked there is nothing to stop him from slaughtering the people in the town. Unfortunately, this comes to pass. A couple of Titus’ men sneak into the town and finds Jessica dead. Titus waits as the towns’ people leave before launching an all-out assault on them. Miles’ plan to save the people severely backfires and they are slaughtered like cattle. When Rachel is shot by an arrow, Miles makes a valiant stand to protect her. If there one life he will not sacrifice, it is Rachel’s. He fights on until he is beaten down. Luckily, U.S. soldiers arrive just before one of the marauders delivers the killing blow.

revolution_2-3_monroe-charlieElsewhere in the Plains Nation, Charlie receives a shock while she continues her pursuit of Sebastian Monroe. Monroe, after knocking out the bounty hunter, takes her to a trailer where he shows her wanted posters for her mother Rachel. Stranger still is that she is wanted by the U.S. Government. Why does the U.S. Government want with Rachel Matheson? If I had to guess, it might have something to do with her old job at the Department of Defense. And check out Monroe playing the nice guy all of a sudden. He tries his darnedest to make nice with Charlie but she just shoots him down. Heck, the man did kill her brother after all so it’s understandable for her to be a bit miffed at him. Monroe knows he can’t erase what he has done but he can try to atone for his sins. Monroe offers to help her and the remainder of her family deal with the bounty hunters gunning for him and Rachel. He points out the pyramid symbol on the poster matching the symbol on the ring Randall Flynn wore. The question of who these people are and what the U.S. Government true intensions are is raised.

Revolution - Season 2In the Georgia refugee camp, Tom and Jason Neville are looking into those questions. They are accepted into the Patriot army with the plan of rising as high as they can and then dismantle the U.S. Government from the inside for their role in his wife Julia’s death. However, their plans are derailed when a small group of Patriot soldiers take Tom and Jason to a disclosed location where their true identities are exposed. Tom tries to worm his way out of being executed by telling them a load of B.S. about how he wants Sebastian Monroe for launching the nukes. The soldiers don’t buy it. Luckily, Secretary Allenford interrupts the interrogation and offers Neville a place in the Patriot army. Tom Neville is a very resourceful person. He doesn’t see his plans as failures but just minor setbacks. It may not have gone exactly as he planned but nevertheless, Neville will certainly make the most of it.

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