J1 Studios is helping the show “The Controller” find pro gamers!

We at J1 Studios are helping the team behind the show “The Controller” find some gamers…. Pro Gamers!! 

Bunim-Murray Productions, Producers of MTV’s The Challenge and The Real World, Project Runway, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, want YOU for their series: THE CONTROLLER.

What is the Controller?

It’s time to lock and load, fellow gamers! GameSpot and Medal of Honor are teaming up to bring you The Controller, a reality Web series that will bring together  professional gamers and total noobs to compete in various challenges, both in the game and on the field. Under the watchful eye of the host, the contestants will battle it out in daily challenges designed on scenarios from the game.

We are doing a nationwide search and only interviewing pro gamers over the next TWO WEEKS–so anyone interested should definitely jump on this ASAP!


This shoots in late August for approximately 10 days, and it is tentatively shooting in LA and Atlanta.

There is pay for participants on each shoot day, per diem, travel and accomodations, plus the chance to win the grand prize. Last season it was $50,000.

$50,000???? WHAT????

This season will be loosely based on Medal Of Honor, so there will be live fire challenges, video game challenges, and other fun physical challenges.

******************************HERE’S HOW TO APPLY:

Anyone interested should email us at j.richardson@j1studios.com

For anyone applying this is your chance to BRAG!

Please let us know how much of a hardcore gamer you are, what titles you’ve held, sponsors you’ve had/have, what tournaments you compete in, trophies, achievements, game collections, etc.

All credentials are helpful for this.


18 thoughts on “J1 Studios is helping the show “The Controller” find pro gamers!

  1. Well I’m pretty much the best at everything. I should be picked, I’m as Hardcore as it gets. I’ll get an higher score than any of y’all in Angry Birds. Beat Heavy Rain in 10 hours, and just put the hurting on in UMvC3. I would so wi this.

  2. This is exactly like WCG Ultimate Gamer that was shown on the SyFy channel. This is awesome i would love to join this show even tho my stronghold isnt in Medal of Honor lol. It’s funny I’m more of a Halo player than anything in the FPS field and I know the gameplay are different in some ways. If The Controller was featuring sports games now that’s pretty much my gift. I would definitely give players hell when it comes to either Madden, NBA, NHL, or FIFA. If the show was featuring that then SIGN ME UP! But really I wish I could just go on this show anyway lol it sounds epic!

  3. Well, sucks for all of you. Allow me to introduce myself…. my name is Lucas, and I have a POWER GLOVE!!! You’re going to Fred Savage and quiet, scary Rain Manesque kid, “Wizard”. PShhhh. Bring on Super Mario 3! I’m ready!!!

  4. I play but I know I’m not pro level, are there going to be auditions for the noob? I’ll definitely do well in live fire challenges being ex military.

  5. Sounds like an awesome opportunity to make some serious cash. The fun way. I wonder…

    I have a ton of friends who think their hot s*** in FPS. I think it’s time to see what they’re made of.

    1. Get them apart of this!!! I mean, they fly you out there, you get paid for being in the show, and you have a chance of winning the grand prize. This is the perfect opportunity.

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