J1 Studios Interview: Smooth McGroove

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If you enjoy listening to video game music, you’ve probably heard the sweet sound of a Smooth McGroove a cappella. At least once. No? Do you ever go on youtube?

Smooth McGroove has gotten a lot of recognition on youtube, as he’s got 700,000+ Subscribers and most of his videos have 1 to 2 Million views! How? Video game a capella remixes, and man, can this guy sing! Here’s my personal favorite video.



As a big fan and a fellow creator of music, interviewing him was a lot of fun. It was cool to learn first hand how he begins his compositions and what kind of music he listens to. Check out the interview below.



Cool story about smooth McGroove: Almost all of the panelists at MAGfest got swarmed by fans after doing a panel. Many of them seemed to get fatigued after a couple minutes of hello’s and it became clear that they were trying hard to look alive for their fans. I can’t blame them. Smooth McGroove stood out though. Before our interview, as I watched him thank fan after fan for their complements , I was amazed at his natural enthusiasm and his ability to leave a fan feeling awesome. This went on for about ten minutes before I pulled him out of the crowd.

If you’d like to know more about Smooth McGroove, check out his hour long Panel that took place at Magfest 12.


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