MAGfest 12 Interviews: ProJared! ProJared

The MAGfest interviews continue! Today we feature video game reviewer ProJared! If you’ve seen his work, you probably know that once you watch one of his videos, you’ll understand every detail of the game being reviewed, and get a couple laughs in too! He has a few different ongoing series. his One Minute Reviews are very entertaining, and a good source of information on whether a game is worth purchasing.

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At MAGfest 12, ProJared hosted a panel called “Comment Hate”, featuring himself, PeanutButterGamer, JonTron, and the Completionist. The panel was a mix of comedy and information, as ProJared and friends discussed the mean comments they receive on a daily basis, and how people starting their own channel should simply ignore them or laugh them off. It was very entertaining and a bit inspiring too. Watch the whole thing HERE!

Anyway, getting an interview with him was a lot of fun. I’ll admit, I hadn’t actually seen a whole video of his before interviewing him. Upon returning home, I took a break from my other youtube fave’s to watch ProJared, and his stuff is great! After one video you’ll want to go right to the next! Check out the interview below!

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