It’s no laughing matter. OK, it is!! BWHAHAHAHA!! Gotham S2 Ep. 2 Recap!!



Jerome, Arnold Tompkins, Aaron Helzinger, Robert Greenwood toss shipyard workers of the roof of the Gotham Gazette. Jim Gordon organizes a task force to hunt them down. He later talks with Bullock who tells him about a lead Harvey Dent told him. Gordon reports to Commissioner Alvarez about a missing service truck that is loaded with gasoline. Elsewhere, the criminals plot to hijack a school bus full of cheerleaders. Word the incident reaches the GCPD. Gordon and several officer races to the scene just a Jerome finishes dousing the cheerleaders in gasoline with intent of setting them ablaze. Tompkins attempts to light the gas. Jerome and the other escape, leaving him behind. Gordon knocks Tompkins down and drives the bus away from the fire Tompkins started. He then asks Tompkins who broke him out. Tompkins is killed before he gives the information. Bruce talks with Alfred after firing him for destroying the computer they found in the secret room that belonged to Thomas Wayne and they make amends. Later, Alfred talks with Lucius Fox about helping Bruce learn more about the corruption within Wayne Enterprises. At the GCPD, Barbara calls Jim and lures him away while Jerome and the others, dressed as officers, infiltrate the station and obliterate every officer. After suffering a beating from Aaron Helzinger, Jim hauls himself up and returns to the station just after the carnage ends.

The Jokers: (L to R) Jack Nicolson (1989 Batman film), Mark Hamill (Batman animated series), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad 2016), Cesar Romero (1960 Batman series), Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

The Jokers: (L to R) Jack Nicolson (1989 Batman film), Mark Hamill (Batman animated series), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad 2016), Cesar Romero (1960 Batman series), Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Jack Nicolson. Cesar Romero. Mark Hamill. These actors have held many roles their careers but the one role they have in common is that of the Clown Prince of Crime—the Joker. Since his incarnation, the Joker has become the most recognized villain in comic history and an icon in pop culture. It was inevitable that he would get his early start on Gotham. The Joker, given the identity of Jerome Valeska, is captured beautifully by Cameron Monaghan. Cameron taps into the portrayal of Nicolson, Hamill and Romero to give the young sociopath due justice. He channels the zaniness set by Cesar Romero, the cool, collective yet disturbing nature performed by Jack Nicolson and brings out Mark Hamill’s theatrics to give an amazing performance. Of course, what is the Joker without unbridled chaos. Jerome leads a group of Arkham inmates dubbed the Maniaxx, on a chaotic spree. Their first act is tossing shipyard workers of a roof. Next they hijack a bus of cheerleaders with intention of having them for a barbeque. But the crowning glory was infiltrating the GCPD and blasting away the entire force. There is no reason behind these acts, they just did them for attention and a good laugh. Which is exactly what the Joker is known for. Barbara Reed continues to be a thorn in Jim Gordon’s side. Poor Jim believes she can be saved but he has to eventually realize that she doesn’t want to be saved. Barbara has come to like her newfound pension for dangerous fun. Hell, she even has a henchman who gives Jim a good whooping at her beckon call. Catching maniacs will prove difficult for Gordon who is used to criminals with motive, not lunatics who thrive on chaos and disorder simply because. With the GCPD annihilated and Commissioner Alvarez dead, Jim Gordon is left to sweep up the pieces and bottle up this insanity.

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