In This Moment ups the ante on latest release!!

In This Moment came into the metal scene with their debut album “Beautiful Tragedy” and its title song in 2007. When I first picked up this album, I was amazed by how hard this chick could rock! Frontwoman Maria Brink mixes sensual vocals with heavy metal shrieks backed by powerful music. A “quieter” approach was made on their second album “The Dream” with Maria taking a softer approach to her vocal work. This album might be themed after “Alice in Wonderland” because of song content and album art. “Star-Crossed Wasteland”, their third album, mixes the hardcore heavy music of In This Moment’s debut with the softer tones of their second album. Having listened to other female fronted acts such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, I was immediately drawn to In This Moment and have enjoyed their music. So I couldn’t wait to see what the band had in store for their next album.

With their latest release “Blood”, In This Moment heads back to the hardcore music that made “Beautiful Tragedy” a hit with metal fans. It will melt your face and fry your brain…in a good way. The sound on this album punches you in the chest and pushes through. “Blood” goes for a more electronic sound but still retains a heavy metal edge. The title song pushes Maria’s vocals to the limit. She reverts back to the screeching vocals of “Beautiful Tragedy” but without the melodic tones. The songs “You’re Gonna Listen” and “Comanche” follow suit as romp stomping pieces that will assault your ears and get your heart pumping. Try not to bang your head while listening to these songs—resistance is futile. The guitar work and thundering drums on these tracks are definite circle pit starters with Maria belting out the vicious lyrics. As awesome as this album is, there are a couple soft moments in the form of “Burn” and “Scarlet”. In these two tracks, Maria showcases her vocal range, moving from sensual tones to banshee-like wails while maintaining a melodic tone throughout the aforementioned songs. The closing track “11:11” ends the album on a darker tone and shows just how soft toned Maria can be. There is also a cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Closer”. For die-hard NIN fans, this may not go over well for them; however, ITM fans will appreciate the rendition.

“Blood” is an awesome album from In This Moment that is a step forward in the band’s evolution and offers plenty for metal fans. As a vocalist, Brink will enthrall and draw you in with her harmonious melodies just before she spits you out with her venomous growls.

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