Hot episode!! Arrow S1 return recap!!

************************SPOILER ALERT!!!***************************************

Arrow is very interesting in the way it introduces familiar DC characters. So far there has been China White, Wilson Slade aka Deathstroke, the Royal Flush Gang and Helena Bertinelli aka the Huntress. Last night was no different as another character was reinvented for the updated “Green Arrow” series. Fires have been mysterious popping up throughout Starling City and arsonist is to blame. Several firefighters have died in these incidents with Laurel’s friend Jo’s brother being the latest. His death is ruled an accident but Jo suspects foul play. Through investigating, she discovers her brother was doused with turpentine but the substance burned hotter than the fire. Laurel, who thought her friend was simply overcome with grief, becomes extremely curious. She takes the information to her father Det. Lance who is quick to denounce it despite her findings. However, the situation appears to be out of police hands and he reluctantly decides to leave it to the hooded vigilante. Apparently, some trust was built between Det. Lance and the “Hood” as the detective has a cell phone to keep in contact with him. Without her dad’s knowledge, Laurel takes the phone and, later that day, calls Arrow.

Arrow shows up at Laurel’s place where she divulges her findings to him. It’d be interesting to see how long it’ll be until Laurel places Oliver under the hood. If she had problems with him before about her sister’s death, then just imagine what would happen if she ever finds out about his night life—his true night life. Oliver takes the information and discovers that someone is specifically targeting firefighters. When there is another fire, Oliver arrives to assist a firefighter in trouble but he too late to save him. He confronts the firefighter who killed and is easily beaten. As the murderer escapes, Oliver spies a tattoo on his wrist. Later, the firefighter is revealed to be Garfield Lynns.

Whoa, wait a minute. Garfield Lynns?! As in the Firefly?! Yes, Garfield Lynns aka Firefly made an appearance in last night’s episode. Now we all know the story of Lynns. He was a pyro technician who used his expertise to commit his crimes in Gotham City. That’s right. They put a Batman villain in the show. However, he is not referred to by his alter-ego. The only distinction is that this Garfield Lynns was a part of a group of firefighters who called themselves the “Fireflies” and each member sported a tattoo depicting the luminous insect. Garfield was severely injured while fighting a fire five years ago. He has been getting his revenge on the firefighters under the fire chief he served who didn’t call for back up. Lynns shows up a gala for fallen firefighter held in the warehouse where Oliver was building his night club and sets the place ablaze. Quickly donning the green hood, Oliver tries to reason with Lynns after saving the fire chief but the former Firefly is too far gone. Garfield Lynns walks into the flames he birthed.

The episode also took a look into Oliver and his ordeal with the other archer. In the mid-season finale, he is injured and has been recuperating for six weeks (funny… that’s how long ago the series took a holiday hiatus). After being bested while tracking down Lynns, Oliver confesses to Diggle that he has lost his edge, as he now has people he worries about losing should anything happen to him, something he did not have to fear when he first returned from the island. Diggle challenges Oliver that having people to live for is more of an edge than having no one. Hopefully, Oliver will take this to heart. Maybe we’ll see him make the transition from outlaw vigilante to beloved hero. Well, after the whole thing with Lynns, Oliver’s alter-ego was hailed a hero for rescuing all the people at the firefighter’s gala.

It is awesome how Arrow puts a new twist on familiar DC characters and I can’t wait to see who they bring in next. Hey, if they brought in Firefly then a set of pointy ears can’t be far behind, can it?