Heaven’s not so tranquil!! Supernatural S8 Ep 10 Recap!!

*******************WARNING: The following contains spoilers!!**********************

Heaven's lost property. Samandriel is captured and given the best demon hospitality.

It’s not a Supernatural episode without some brotherly tension between Sam and Dean. Last night’s episode was no different. Sam and Dean reunite in the aftermath of the last episode and while Sam seems to forgive Dean for what he did, he tells him that unless he stops hanging out with Benny, they may not be able to work together anymore. Dean is unsure he can do that and leaves. This is a switch from past seasons where Dean was lecturing Sam about hanging out with the demon Ruby. Well, it turned out Dean was right, which may explain why Sam wants Dean to cut Benny loose. At the same time, the angel Samandriel, who is being tortured by a demon called Viggo, manages to send out a distress call to Naomi. Castiel has been spending his time helping people when he is called to Heaven. Naomi informs him that Samandriel has been captured but is unable to make contact. Because of this, Castiel seek help from the only person who can help. He finds Dean and tells him about Crowley capturing and torturing Samandriel. Dean arrives at the hospital where a man is severely burned when a bush suddenly burst into flames. Questioning him, they learn about the burning bush and what happened. The man also tells them about what he heard. Castiel becomes greatly concerned. He insists the urgency of finding Samandriel.

At the motel, Amelia tracks Sam down and they talk about him being in town and the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel find where Samandriel is being held. Demons are patrolling the building. Castiel suggests they call Sam but Dean refuses because of the tension between them. Crowley arrives in the room to decipher an unknown language Samandriel has been uttering. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel track down Kevin Tran and ask him to make more “demon bombs.” Kevin tells them that the ingredients are hard to come by. Castiel offers to procure the items. He soon returns with the needed items and the not-so-needed Sam.

My angel's keeper. Naomi keeps Castiel on a tight leash. Very tight.

The Winchesters and Castiel arrive at the warehouse to rescue Samandriel. Castiel tells them about the Anokian symbols that must be removed in order for him to save the angel. Sam and Dean make their way into the building, taking out the symbols as they go. They succeed and Castiel arrives. The Winchesters soon break through but Crowley escapes with the information he got from Samandriel. They hold off Crowley’s demons while Castiel rescues his fellow angel. Samandriel tries to warn Castiel, who has a flashback of Naomi tying him down and approaching him with an unknown instrument, that “they” are controlling him, but after learning what Samandriel has revealed to Crowley, Naomi forces Castiel to kill Samandriel for being a “traitor.” She explains that in the hands of a demon, the angel tablet could cause great harm. Under Naomi’s orders, Castiel tells the Winchesters that he killed the angel in self-defense. He takes him back to Heaven.

Back at their cabin, Sam draws the same symbols on the corners to keep Castiel out. They immediately question their friend’s actions, suspecting that he may be controlled. Dean decides to look into it alone and suggests that Sam go back to be with Amelia. However, Sam realizes that he can’t walk away while Castiel is in apparent trouble. He takes a moment to collect his thoughts. While Sam is away, Dean makes what will be the final phone call to Benny. They end their friendship on good graces.

What the deal with Naomi? She is apparently controlling the angels including Castiel. What is her hidden agenda? Does she seek the tablets for herself? Or is there another underlining arrangement like Raphael had with Crowley back in Season Six? Whatever is going on, Naomi seems to be orchestrating it all using Castiel to use the Winchester brothers. I see this being looked into further as the season progresses.

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