Ghost in the Shell!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep.9 Recap!!


Phillip Coulson (Clark Gregg) talks with Hannah Hutchins (Mickey Maxwell) about her "abilities"

Phillip Coulson (Clark Gregg) talks with Hannah Hutchins (Mickey Maxwell) about her “abilities”

In Batesville, Utah, an incident occurs that the team must investigate. Coulson and Skye look into the report of a telekinetic. Hannah Hutchins is suspected of a lab accident that involved the deaths of several workers. They arrive at her home where an angry mob wants her head. Coulson and Ward try to talk to Hannah. They get a sample of her abilities when a police car careens toward the crowd. Before more people are hurt, May shoots her with a tranquilizer. Simmons and Fitz check out the Particle Acceleration Complex. Coulson and May greet Hannah who is waking up from the tranquilizer. Hannah feels responsible for the accident at the plant. She tells them about a problem with a device she and her co-workers were working on. Coulson suspects that the accident gave her telekinetic abilities. Hannah believes that she is being haunted by demons. In the break room, Coulson still believes that Hannah is a danger despite the fact that she is unable to control her power. Soon after he leaves, a shadowy image of person vanishes in the background. Skye wishes to talk to Hannah but both May and Coulson disagree. In her cell, Hannah is being attacked by something. Skye looks into Tobias Ford who was one of the people killed in the accident. Meanwhile, Simmons is still looking at the data from the Particle Accelerator Plant when the ghostly image of a man attacks her. Coulson rushes to her side where Simmons tells him about the man. The ghost man takes out the BUS’s power. May and Ward make an emergency landing. Afterward, everyone searches for the “ghost”. Coulson tries to contact S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ when the “ghost” knocks out the antenna. Skye talks to Hannah. After eavesdropping on her, May tells Skye to go to Coulson. Meanwhile, Ward, Simmons and Fitz search for the cause of the BUS losing power. Ward leaves them to search for the “ghost” when he is attacked by him. The man teleports to where Fitz and Simmons are and he threatens Simmons’ life. Ward hurries back to them only to be knocked out by the “ghost”. The “ghost” then heads to Coulson and Skye and demands that they release Hannah. Coulson refuses and their ghostly guest locks them in the room. Realizing that Hannah may be the key, May takes her off the plane and into a barn to lore the “ghost” away from her team. With help from Fitz, Coulson and Skye are freed and meet up with Fitz, Simmons and Ward. They deduce that the man is trapped between worlds and identify him as Particle Accelerator Complex worker Tobias Ford. Skye pieces together that he has affection for Hannah and he reported a lot of accidents just to be near her. Tobias finds Hannah and May in a nearby barn. May engages Tobias but it is a losing battle. She tells Hannah to convince Tobias that she is not a threat. Tobias confesses his love for Hannah and the things he did to get her attention. May talks with Tobias and convinces him to let go and move on, which he does. With Hannah free from a living nightmare, the BUS is repaired and May takes it up with Skye next to her in the cockpit.

The closet of Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) gets opened slightly

The closet of Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) gets opened slightly

Call her what you want, just don’t call her the “Calvary”. A layer of Melinda May’s life gets peeled away when the team has to deal with a possible telekinetic. The way it was set up made you think of an X-Men reference though Coulson did hint at meeting a few telepaths. Anyway, Skye tries her best to dig into what makes May so cold and almost emotionless. She speaks with Fitz and Simmons who, as per a prank they concoct together, provide a wild facsimile of May’s exploits. Skye later talks to Ward where she suggests a more intimate solution which likely has happened between Ward and May back at the hotel following the crossover episode. Ward tells a different story about May which is far less exaggerated than Fitz-Simmons’s wildly spun yarn. While helping Coulson repair communication after the Bus had lost power and landed, Skye gets the story from the one person who won’t inflate it. Coulson tells what the real deal is with May. According to him, he and May were in a situation where a mission went sour and several lives, both civilian and agents, were lost. May confronted the group responsible and came out of the incident a different person. Coulson tells Skye that May used to be more outgoing, pulling pranks and breaking rules when she had a chance. This story makes May all warm and fuzzy as opposed to be such a stick in the mud. But there are moments where May shows she still has some of her old self. She listens tenderly to Skye as she talks to Hannah Hutchins about religious beliefs. May again exhibits that she is still human after she gets Hannah to convince Tobias Ford, who has been the cause of all the trouble surrounding Hannah, that may is not a threat. May then reasons with Tobias rather than beating the snot out of him. She tells him to let go of his feelings for Hannah and move on. It was odd to see her actually be sincere with someone but welcoming. This sets up to build her character a little more. One more moment of May’s human side is when she plays a prank on Fitz who suspects everyone else, including Coulson, but her. May listens to Fitz’s rant with a smile on her face.

Skye sure has a knack for reading people and finding the good in them. She helped Simmons and Fitz figure out why Tobias Ford, a safety inspector, would cause an accident that claimed the lives of his co-workers. It was because the poor guy had a crush on Hannah. Everything he has done is to protect her and be close to her but Tobias is caught in between the real world and, according to him, Hell. Shockingly, it is May who reasons with Tobias and not Skye, who did such a fantastic job with getting Hannah to calm down a bit. May likely took a cue from Skye’s conversation with Hannah. Skye found the good in Michael Peterson even though he was frustrated after losing his job and was close to using the powers he had for nefarious means. Coulson certainly is impressed, telling Skye that she would be a great addition to a certain position, namely negotiations to put it simply. Looks like someone might be getting a bigger pay check soon.