“Frozen” crosses into Storybrooke for next season’s “Once”!!

So in case y’all missed, Elsa is coming to Storybrooke next season. It was inevitable that the series would eventually tackle the Snow Queen fairytale. Like I mentioned in my review of the season 3 finale, I see “Once Upon a Time” Elsa’s backstory closely resembling the character from the Hans Christian Anderson tale more so than take the story directly from the Disney animated film. To recap, Elsa was trapped in a vase and locked away in Rumplestiltskin’s castle. She was freed after arriving in Storybrooke through the same time portal that returned Emma and Hook to the present. From that, her story is already tied to Rumplestiltskin. Elsa will likely learn of his location in this new land she is in and will use Belle to get to him. I see the same bitter character from “Frozen” but a much darker version to fit “Once Upon a Time.” I, for one, am excited to see how this plays out! I’ll be even more excited if my prediction proves right!

Here’s Elsa making her grand entrance in third season finale of “Once Upon a Time!”

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