Encroaching Darkness!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.15 Recap!!



Crane and Abbie investigate the theft of a book from an auction house with help from Katrina. Looking at video from the auction house, Katrina recognizes the man as a powerful warlock named Solomon Kent. Katrina tells the story about Solomon when he was a reverend in a village who turned to darkness. They return to the auction house where Katrina discovers that a spellbook is missing. The discovery that the book has been divided is also made. At the archives, Abbie and Crane figure out that Solomon plans to use the book to resurrect his love Sarah, but he may also inadvertently raise the dead as well. They head to a warehouse where the other half of the book is kept. However, Solomon has already laid claim to the book. Abbie and Crane are not able to stop him. Katrina arrives and deals with Solomon who proves to be more powerful than she. He summons demons with his blood and sends them after Crane and Abbie. They kill the demons while Katrina confronts Solomon to no avail. Solomon leaves with the book. The battle with Kent has left Katrina questioning her abilities. Abbie and Crane must go at it alone. Crane then remembers the incantation Solomon spoke. Abbie looks through her ancestor’s journal and reads about the Traveler’s spell. Solomon intends to travel back in time to change the past which will alter the future.

Katrina's grandmother Helena van Tassel exposed Solomon's dark secret

Katrina’s grandmother Helena van Tassel exposed Solomon’s dark secret

So no “Assassin’s Creed” take on the past this time but Katrina’s family history is given a look-see. It’s back to basics with this episode with Ichabod and Abbie dealing with another escapee of Purgatory. When a powerful spell book is stolen, Katrina is called in to help deal with the thief whom she knows as a powerful warlock named Solomon Kent. A century prior to the events that intertwined the lives of Ichabod, Katrina and Abraham, Solomon Kent was the reverend of a pilgrim settlement where Katrina’s family, the Van Tassels, first arrived in America. Solomon was well trusted and respected by the villagers. But the lore of the dark arts turned him against those people and he was sent by the coven to Purgatory. Resurrected in the 21st century, he plans to use the spell book to return to the past and change history. Now here where Katrina proves her worth. She confronts Solomon in a witch’s duel of sorts and shows that she can hold her own. It was nice to her getting some action in even if it didn’t last long. However, after the battle she discovers a little something about herself. Katrina may fall onto the dark path that Solomon traveled.


Not much has been seen of Henry Parrish since he killed Moloch in the winter finale. He has been residing in a motel wondering about his place in the world without Moloch around ushering him along. After witnessing an incident involving a group of thugs and the motel owner and her son, and dealing with the latter’s problem they best way he knows how—by killing the thugs, Henry learns of his place in the world and that is on top. As expected, he will get what he desires with help from Frank Irving whose soul he now owns. He resurrected the former captain and is using him to gather certain items with the spell book being the first. Frank has proven his acting skill are top notch as he is able to fool his friends—Abbie and Ichabod, Katrina and his ex-wife Cynthia into believing that he was still the same Frank Irving they know and love. With Henry Parrish back behind the curtain, Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills will have to watch their friends closely.

What was it that Jesus said at the last supper?

Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me. ~ Matthew 26:21

Be wary, Witnesses.

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