Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus Chapter 3 Pt.1!!


Chapter 3
Guardian continues to fly toward Europe in anticipation to meet the son of Odin, Thor. “Man, I can’t believe it; I’m actually gonna meet Thor. I’ve only read about him in books but I can’t believe that I’m actually gonna meet him. This is just too awesome,” he said excitedly. For a moment, he reflects back to Akeem and Shadow, remembering how strong they were. If people like that are coming from the Dark Realm, he couldn’t help but wonder just how many more are at that level or stronger. Then he thinks about Sarah. What if something happened to her just like with his mother? He has to protect her. A god’s training may help do just that and help Edenia defend Earth from the Dark Realm. Guardian looks down to see that he is flying over the southern part of Asia above Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the South China Sea. Unseen by Guardian, a figure suddenly appears in the sky and begins to follow him. Guardian is halfway over the Indian Ocean when he began to feel the presence of another person behind him. He stops flying and turns around in mid-air to look behind him. He doesn’t see anyone but he can still feel their presence. “I know felt someone,” he said softly to himself as he continued to look around. Suddenly he is struck out of the air and he starts hurtling rapidly head first towards the Earth. As he’s falling, Guardian struggles to maintain control and he finally succeeds by flipping backwards and quickly stopping his descent just a couple thousand feet from the Earth’s surface. He looks around for a moment searching for whoever attacked him. “Alright, show yourself! I know you’re here somewhere!” he said aloud. Then an evil chuckle came from behind Guardian and he turned around to see who it was. Descending slowly from the air was a man wearing desert camouflage pants, a tan leather vest and hiking boots with sandy blonde hair. He grinned snidely at Guardian as he stopped his descent.
“G’day, Defender. Finally I get to meet you,” he spoke with an Australian accent.
“I take it you’re from the Dark Realm. That’s a long way from home, isn’t it?” said Guardian with a sly grin, “So let’s get the formalities out of the way. You got a name, Aussie?”
“My name is Incubus and I’ve been sent here to remove you as a treat to my master’s plans. However my reason for being here is more of a pleasure rather than business,” he said.
“Really, what kind of pleasure?” asked Guardian.
“The pleasure to fight and defeat you; that’s my own reason for being here,” the Aussie says with a snide grin.
Guardian exasperates a sigh and shakes his head in mock pity. “Let me guess, you want to make me an offer and join you in world conquest and blah, blah, blah. I already said no twice. I’m getting really tired of repeating myself.”
Incubus laughs harshly. “I’m not here to make offers. Just defeat you; that’s it.”
“Hmph,” scoffs Guardian. “That a fact. Alright Aussie boy, I guess I could kill a few minutes. Where to, wanker?”
“Let’s find a shady spot so we can get more acquainted. I want to fight you at your best without restriction,” said Incubus.
“You sure you want that,” quipped Guardian.
Incubus looks around for a moment for a suitable battleground for him and Guardian. Soon he chooses a spot and points in the direction of the Indonesian Islands; then they fly off towards the area that Incubus has chosen. They land a few moments later on one of the islands. Upon landing Guardian looks around the island and sees that there are plenty of hills and mountains and dense forests for either one of them to hide in; it is the perfect place should they need to sneak up on each other. “So Guardian, are you ready for your defeat?” Incubus asked smiling slyly.
“Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren’t you?” said Guardian.
“Not at all; let’s just say that I’m very confident.”
“That makes two of us. So what do you say we get this dance started? Do you wanna lead or should I?”
“I’ll start. It’s time for you to pay, Guardian,” Incubus said with a straight face.
“Pay? Pay for what?” Guardian asked.
“I figured you try and deny it.”
“What are you talking about, Incubus?”
“The death of my family and friend; they were killed three years ago by a Defender from what I understand, and you’re the only Defender that I see. I was told that the incident was by accident and that you would deny it out of guilt. It’s a pity for you that I don’t have any guilt,” Incubus said, and then he becomes angry, “My family is dead because of a Defender, and I’m going to kill each one starting with you!”
“Dude, A, I never met your family and B, if it’s butt whooping you want, I’ll be happy to oblige,” said Guardian.
“You’d say anything to save yourself but it won’t matter. You cannot avoid the inevitable. I will defeat you and avenge my family!” said Incubus, “Prepare yourself, Guardian!” Then he surrounds himself with fire and begins raising his power.
“Fine, I’ve tried to reason with you but it’s obvious that you’re stubborn. So we’ll do this your way, Incubus,” said Guardian. He shrouds himself in lightning and begins raising his power as well.
They stare at each other intensely as they raise their powers to maximum level. Once they reached full power, Incubus grins at Guardian slyly and says, “Now it’s time to turn up the heat. Guardian, you will pay…for what you did to my family!” Then he launches himself speedily at Guardian.
“You want a fight Incubus. Then I won’t disappoint you!” Guardian said, and then he charges toward Incubus, who’s fast approaching him.

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