Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt. 3 Ch.3-4!!


Chapter 3
On 5th Street, the ninja is running speedily down the street with the two police officers running behind him. As he approaches an intersecting street, a police cruiser drives up to the intersection and stops. The two officers inside exit their vehicle and aim their guns at the ninja. “Freeze!” one of them shouted, but the ninja continues to rush towards the officers. After the ninja doesn’t respond to their orders, the officers fire their guns; unfortunately the ninja once again uses his superior speed to deflect the bullets back into their guns. Then the ninja leaps over the officers and touches a light post with one foot. With a sharp but powerful kick, the nimble warrior topples the light post while propelling towards a nearby building. The two officers dive out of the way as the light comes crashing down on their cruiser. The ninja continues to ascend the building with a few well-placed sharp kicks. The dark warrior flips up onto the roof after leaping off a balcony. The ninja peers down at the officers briefly and then looks out over the surrounding buildings, possibly plotting a next move.
“Funny. I didn’t think any of you guys were still around.” The ninja, instead of being startled, calmly turned around and look upon Guardian. The trench coated hero coolly leaned against an air vent, arms crossed and head down. “We don’t get many ninja here in Philly. Guys dressed in black? Sure. Jersey Devils’ fans? All the time. But no ninja.” Guardian tips his hat up. “So what brings you to town, pajama boy?” he says with cynical grin. His charismatic charm shined brightly.
The ninja looks Guardian up and down, scanning him carefully. The warrior’s eyes narrowed with interest. “So you are the one known as Guardian. Correct?” A male voice emitted from the behind the mask. The ninja’s voice was curt and proper.
“Maybe. Depends on whose askin’?” Guardian said.
The ninja chuckles wickedly. “Direct. You certainly aren’t one to waste time I see. I’ll reveal my identity to you in due time. But first I wish to get to know you a little better, Guardian. I want to get to know the one responsible for defeating Akeem.” Curt and proper as he was, the ninja’s voice was also wrapped with a calm smoothness; a contrast to Guardian’s brash quips and quick one-liners.
“So you want to get to know me personally,” Guardian said with a cool calm. Flashing a bright grin, he leans up off the air vent to face the ninja. “All you had to do was ask.” The two men in black exchange glares as they sized each other up. Each of them wondered what the other was thinking of their opponent. Guardian looked the ninja over. He is tall and lathe yet his body rippled with muscle. The ninja’s outfit is accurate to every detail. Thin light weight foot pads are attached to his feet, perfectly adapted for silent movement. The metals sticks adhered to his back with a sash specially designed for quick deployment, as well as sheathing the weapons quickly. A quick-release latch held the sticks in their housing. The outfit itself is form-fitting. It hugs him like a second skin and with a thin body like that, he could move quickly and easily without restriction. At first glance, one could easily mistake the ninja for not being strong. But Guardian knows that looks are deceiving. His body may be thin and wiry but the ninja’s aura told a completely different story. Guardian knows that with an aura this strong, any attack from the ninja will, without a doubt, be extremely fast and powerful.
The ninja scanned his trench-coated adversary carefully. He started with Guardian’s clunky biker boots. They weren’t really made for speed unlike the ninja’s footwear. But those big boots can deliver a big hurt. Gently licking the light breeze is his lengthy trench coat. Normally wearing something that’s long and flowing would reduce one’s movement. The ninja knows not to think lightly of his enemy. It’s possible that Guardian may’ve overcome that obstacle. That’s one reason why he removed the sleeves from the coat, for better range of motion. The other was for style. Last is his hat. The dark warrior took this accessory in with the most interest. Wearing a head piece that was brimmed limited the wearer’s vision thus reducing their reaction time for defense and offense. However the flipside is that one can also heighten their other senses as well to where they could rely on their vision less. The ninja has a feeling that Guardian may have acquired this ability.
Silence falls on the roof. The heavy tension in the air sends a flock of pigeons flapping wildly away. The beating wings do not deter either man. Their eyes remained locked on one another, waiting for their opponent to make the first step. Then the first stone is cast.
The ninja quickly vanishes. Guardian loses track of him for a second but he quickly finds the dark warrior crouching on the roof’s edge. It wouldn’t have been so unusual if the roof was on the same building. Peering back at Guardian, the ninja bows to him from a tall building across the street. Then he hops off the roof and runs across the side of the building before leaping off and continuing his speedy sprint across another building.
The ninja proved himself to be incredibly fast, maybe faster than his urban cowboy opponent. But this little display didn’t faze him. The big grin that broke across Guardian’s face showed it. “So it’s a game of cat and mouse, huh? Alright mouse, here comes the big black cat.” Guardian then takes to the air and pursues his black-clad foe.

Chapter 4
“Miss Stacie, did Jacob’s office send the file I requested?
“Not yet, Mr. Watts, but you did receive a memo from Sandra. It says that the meeting is tomorrow at 1:30.”
“Alright, thank you Miss Stacie and please call Jacob and tell him I need that file.”
“Of course Mr. Watts,” Miss Stacie replied through an intercom.
Mr. Watts released the button to the intercom in his desk. The intercom is actually a telephone with buttons running down one side of it next to the headset. Each button had a name next to it. Mr. Watts returned to reading the papers sprawled across his chestnut desk. A couple moments later a knock rapped on his office door. He curtly invited the person inside. The young secretary entered the office.
“Here are the files you asked for.” Miss Stacie handed the thick folder to her salt and pepper haired employer.
“Ah, finally,” Mr. Watts said, taking the folder and laying its contents on his desk. He gathered up the other papers into their respective folder and handed to Miss Stacie. “Could you please place this in my cabinet?” Miss Stacie took the brown folder. She went to the filing cabinet that was tucked in the front corner of the office and placed the folder in its spot.
Miss Stacie turned to head back to Mr. Watts when a strange noise caught her attention. It was faint. She listened carefully to the sound and began following it to its source. The sound was drawing her towards the office’s large window. “Mr. Watts, were the window washers scheduled for today?” She continued her way to the window.
“Window washers? No. They’re scheduled for tomorrow. Why do you ask?” Mr. Watts answered without looking away from the papers he’s reading.
“Then what’s that noise?” Miss Stacie said becoming concerned.
“What noi–” The same sound his secretary was hearing grabbed Mr. Watts’ ears as well. He heard the sound coming from behind him. He turned around towards the strange noise. The plate glass window of his office vibrated to the rapid thumping as it drew closer. Miss Stacie slowly approached the window. The vibrations can now be felt in carpeted floor.
“AAAH!” Miss Stacie shrieked as something quickly passed across the window.
“Miss Stacie!” Mr. Watts sprang from his chair when he saw the young woman stumble to the ground. “Miss Stacie, are you alright?” He placed his hands on her shoulders when he knelt down. She trembled in his hands.
“Something or somebody just ran across the window!” the young secretary’s voice quivered with fright.
Mr. Watts cautiously approached the window. Suddenly he reflectively jumped back when another object shot pass the window. He hurried to the window and craned his neck as much as he could; hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever blew past his office window.
“Mr. Watts, what do you see?” Miss Stacie asked. Her middle aged employer did not answer. Not after what he managed to see.

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