Deathlok Returns!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S Ep.16 Recap!!



Robert Gonzales commissions Fitz and Simmons to open the box but they refuse. Coulson and Hunter search the area around the cabin where Skye was staying. Coulson finds one the security cameras and they watched the incident where Skye used her power. Skye awakens at a disclosed location Gordon has taken her to that is high in the mountains. She learns more about the people like her and that her change is irreversible. Gonzales tries to get May to help him bring in Coulson while Bobbi convinces Simmons to open the box. At the cabin, Coulson contacted SHIELD much to Hunter’s surprise. The SHIELD agents break through the door to find Coulson and Hunter playing cards. However, they are holograms. The real Coulson and Hunter take the agents down with Icers and attempt to steal the Quinjet only to found out by another on that was cloaked. They are captured and are about to be taken back to HQ when Mike Peterson arrives and rescues them. Mike uses his cybernetics to access the jet’s computer in order to fly it. He tells Hunter about a Hydra branch he found out about called LIST. Meanwhile Skye learns that Raina has been taken to the same place as she and at SHIELD HQ, Simmons forces Fitz to leave.

Marvel is delving deep into the comics as the season begins to wind down. The winter finale was the turning point the put Agents of SHIELD on the right path for fans by introducing the Inhumans. Since the premiere season, Marvels fans wanted super powers and now we got ‘em! Skye is taken to a secret location that is presumably in China where she will be taught to learn how to control her powers. As Marvel fans know, Nick Fury is the one who help Daisy Johnson/Quake control her powers but because of this new origin created for the character, it will be other Inhumans. Now there are two shockers for Skye, one of which will change her life…more so. She discovers that Raina and possibly her father Cal are at the place she is staying. The other shocker is that her mother is still alive! Somehow, she survived after Daniel Whitehall/Werner Reinhardt/Kraken butchered her body to reverse his aging. Could it be possible that she is immortal since she hasn’t aged a day in over 50 years? Maybe she has that “Wolverine healing factor?” Whatever the reason, this will definitely affect Skye greatly should she find out.


Mike Peterson/Deathlok makes a return to the series. Coulson reveals to Hunter that he had Mike investigate Hydra scientist Dr. List who has been experimenting on the metahumans that he catches. Peterson was missed since he was the first super powered person to be introduced in the series. Now he is just awesome as Deathlok. Coulson is going to look into Dr. List but he needs a little help from the one person show can, and the last person he wishes to ask—Grant Ward.

Well, it’s safe to say that FitzSimmons are still a team. Jemma tries to open the box after Fitz refuses to do so for Robert Gonzales. They manage to fool Robert and Bobbi into believing that Simmons can open the box without Fitz but instead she creates a duplicate and then stages an argument in which Fitz leaves. With the real box with Fitz, what will he do with it? And who long will it be before Robert Gonzales finds out FitzSimmons’ deception? Guess it’s nice to know that Jemma isn’t a b**ch after all.

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