Death by Roses: Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose Chapter 9

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Maka stops the strike with her foot, planting it on the back of the rose-colored weapon. She then whips out a kick to Ruby’s face that sends her body skipping across the ground.

Ruby is slow to get up. She gives her head a good shake before looking up at the blonde-haired girl. Gone is the black evening dress; Maka is back in her usual school uniform. However, that is not what catches Ruby’s attention. She stares in shock and disbelief at the human weapon Soul, the top half of his body emerging from his blade holding her ammunition pouch.

“Well, looks like we plucked the thorns off this rose,” Soul says with a toothy grin.

“How did you…?!” Ruby stared to say.

“We saw you change the cartridge earlier, so it wasn’t hard to figure out that this pouch contained extra ammo,” says Soul. “26 rounds, right? That’s what each of these ammo packs contains, isn’t it?”

“How did you know that?” asked Ruby.

“We counted,” answered Maka.

“A big gun like that has to have a massive recoil. Rather than resist the recoil, you used it to dash around and avoid our attacks. To resist the kickback, you jammed into the ground,” Soul tells Ruby.

“And if we have to guess, you used up all the rounds in your current pack using the same strategy. Plus, your weapon has seen better days,” Maka adds.

Ruby, curious to what she had just been told, removes the ammo pack with the yellow dust. It is empty. Her opponents have the rest of her ammo. While using Crescent Rose’s powerful recoil has aided her plenty of times in battle, it does cost her ammunition. She uses this technique in junction with her Semblance for high mobility and to launch powerful attacks. Her Petal Burst uses a lot of aura so she cannot rely on it too much. However, she has used it quite extensively in this fight with Maka and Soul. Her aura is low, meaning that she cannot use Petal Burst for a while. Without her ammunition, she cannot use Crescent Rose as effectively as she usually does. This battle would appear to be lost; however, she cannot give up on her friends. Dust or no dust. Aura or no aura. Ruby must find her friends and find a way back to their world. She drops into a battle stance and clenches her faithful weapon tightly.

“Alright. So, what if I don’t have any more ammo. And so, what if my aura is pretty low. It doesn’t matter. I am going to find my friends and we are going home no matter what,” Ruby said with resolve.

“Hm, looks like she made her choice,” says Soul. He then opens Ruby’s pouch and dumps out the ammo before casting the empty pouch aside.

Maka nods in agreement. “Okay, ready Soul?” she says.

Soul grins. “You bet.” He then reforms into the blade of his weapon form. “Let’s take this witch down.”

With that, Maka drops into a battle stance with Soul at the ready. Both girls stare each other down intensely. Ruby Rose was whisked away from her world along with her friends Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and her sister Yang Xiao Long to a strange world where they have been separated. Ruby has been searching for them when she encounters the Grimm and then this strange pig-tailed girl with a scythe that can turn into a person who wants her to return to their academy because they suspect her of being a witch. All Ruby wants is to find her friends and then find a way home. Unfortunately, this pig-tailed girl and her human-scythe partner are stopping her reunion. Her aura is low, and she has no more ammo. This is fine. Ruby finds that can fight better when her back is against the wall. She gives Crescent Rose a fast whirl before swinging the weapon down behind her, holding it with one hand.

Maka Albarn, along with her partner Soul Eater, were assigned by the new Shinigami, Death the Kid, to track down and arrest witches who have gone rogue due to the new pact Death the Kid made with Maba, the current Queen of the Witch Order, to end the feud with the witches in favor of coexistence. The rogues’ numbers are small but still pose a threat to restarting the war with the witches. Some have taken on Medusa Gorgon’s black blood experiments in an effort to create their own Kishins. Maka and Soul has tracked one witch to this country where they happened upon Ruby Rose and several dark wolf-like creatures. Reports from DWMA scouts included that the experiments with black blood have gone awry, resulting in unfortunate outcomes. Some of the experiments involved human/animals hybrids with nasty results. They suspected this when they encountered Ruby Rose. They hoped to take her in without force, but that ship has sailed. Now they need to bring her back to DWMA for the whereabouts of her friends – the other rogue witches. With a fast twirl, Maka sweeps Soul down behind her.

The girls sharpen their gazes. A long moment stretches out. A loud silence falls over the area. A flock of ravens fly overhead yet the beat of their wings is soundless. Like bullets, Maka and Ruby break into ground devouring strides, with their weapons trailing behind them ready to be called into action. Taking a firm hold, they swing hard once they are in each other’s range. A loud clang rings through the air. They break their brief parry and clash again, and again and again. Both girls show dexterity in their skills. Each swing, each slash, each strike is matched perfectly. Maka swings Soul in a wide arc. Ruby flips over the attacks and counters. Slamming Soul’s shaft onto the ground, Maka cartwheels from danger and immediately answers back. Crescent Rose is called into action, protecting Ruby from several strikes before she is summoned to retaliate. Soul defends and counters to protect his meister. Knocking to rose colored weapon aside, Maka shows her combat prowess with high kick aim for Ruby’s head. The red hooded drops low, sweeps the blonde girl’s pivoting leg, whirls into a handstand, and drives her heel down. Maka curls her body and handsprings to her feet. She throws herself back at Ruby who manages to avoid her with a hop and another hop. The scythe meister swings again, cleaving a cloud of rose petals. Gritting her teeth in frustration and annoyance, she quickly whirls around to block a strike from Ruby when appears at her back. Adjusting her grip, she is able to break the parry.

Ruby and Maka clash several times, mixing in melee attacks as well. Ruby gracefully blocks Maka’s weapon. Another elegant swipe defends against the scythe meister again. With the skill and grace of a dancer, she deflects Maka’s furious strikes. She commands her weapon with exquisite beauty, carving it through the air as graceful as a swan. A series of well-polished twirls of both her body and staff deflect and counter Maka’s barrage of thrusts and slashes. Maka whirls around for a fast strike. The loud clang that rings out signals failure. She regroups and lunges with a powerful thrust only to have another tone inform her of failed success. She throws out a low sweeping strike, then a fast-high strike and a back swing that fades into an overhead strike. Ruby nimbly stands her ground, countering each strike with finesse. Angry, Maka yells as she carved the air with Soul. Ruby stops the bone-crushing blow by jamming the bladed end of Crescent Rose’s shaft into the ground. Stomping Maka in her face, Ruby swings her body the dislodge the blade of her weapon. Luckily, Maka shakes off the kick, bats Crescent Rose aside and lunges forward to bash the dark-haired girl in the face. She follows up with a punch to her gut and another blow to her skull. A well-placed roundhouse kick sends Ruby spinning backward. Maka rushes her again, but she is knocked aside when Ruby delivers kick of her own using Crescent Rose to swing herself around. Going on the offensive, Ruby runs and delivers a jump kick. She may not have her Dust rounds or enough aura to use her Semblance, but she is still versatile enough with Crescent Rose handle her own in a fight. Jamming the shaft into the ground, she rotates around with a fast flip, striking Maka on her chin. She lands several more kicks, using Crescent Rose to defend against Maka as well as using it to launch her attacks. The next blow knocks Maka back. Ruby breaks into a quick sprint, uses her weapon to vault into the air and drives down with her heel. Maka holds Soul overhead to block the attack, but Ruby, upon striking down with her right leg, flicks her left leg up and twists her body, disarming Maka.

With Soul no longer in her possession, Maka is forced to use her agility to keep her distance from Ruby and Crescent Rose. Maka can fight without Soul, but the long range of Ruby’s weapon makes it difficult for her to get close. For now, she continues to dance around the red hooded girl’s strikes. She sways and arcs her body around the swinging red scythe, however, she knows first that a long weapon like that is easy to read. Ducking around another strike, Maka rushes at Ruby and drives a fist into her ribs before punishing her with another face breaking blow. Rolling with Maka’s punch, Ruby whirls her weapon around and fires an electric shot, striking Maka as she came at her again.

In that moment, as she falls back, Maka had remembered about the chamber. There was one more round in the chamber. Her body hits the ground hard.

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