Death by Roses: Maka Alburn vs Ruby Rose Chapter 8

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Ruby Rose has faced tough opponents before – Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall and Tyrian just to name a few. But she has not fought against someone who is just as skilled as she is with a scythe-like weapon other than her uncle Qrow Branwen, who was a teacher at Signal Academy and the one who trained her to fight with Crescent Rose. Encountering another scythe weapon user excites Ruby. So far, she has done all she can to avoid causing serious injury to Maka. Now she needn’t worry. She can face the DWMA student with all her strength. Flipping her weapon behind and dropping her stance, Ruby fires a blast that shoots her at Maka. Whirling Crescent Rose around, she lashes out.

Maka blocks the strike with no effort and the several that follow. Ruby spins, slashes, thrusts her weapon with finesse. Her weapon is light in her hands, and she made it dance beautifully. Maka and Soul are in perfect sync. Being partners for a long time, they have developed a special bond unbreakable between meister and weapon. Maka carves Soul gracefully through the air, answering each strike respectfully. Ruby soon begins mixing in melee attacks along with strikes from Crescent Rose. After having another strike batted aside, she uses the momentum to whip out a kick to Maka’s head, knocking her off balance. Unfortunately for Ruby, Maka had grabbed hold of her clothes. She yanks Ruby toward her and quickly drives forward with a powerful headbutt to the red-haired girl’s face. A kick to the gut sends her tumbling backward. Refusing to go down, Ruby uses the momentum to flip herself to her feet. A blast from Crescent Rose sends right back at her adversary. With her counterstrike blocked, Ruby uses her Petal Burst to dodge Maka’s counterstrike and answer back with another attack. Maka, using her Soul Perception, is ready and achieves a successful defense. Using Petal Burst again, Ruby comes at her from below. Again, Maka staves her off with a well-placed block. However, Ruby expected this and quickly aims Crescent Rose’s barrel at Maka with a flick of her wrist. She fires a shot at point blank range, using the recoil the launch herself back and stopping a distance away. Ruby jams the blade of her weapon in the ground and waits with it aimed at Maka.

Maka stands firmly, casting a stern gaze at Ruby. The point-blank blast had no effect on her. Suddenly, she takes off like a bullet. Her feet devour the ground with Soul trailing behind her, ready to be called into action. Swinging Soul side to side, Maka deflects Ruby’s gunfire without breaking pace. The young Scythe Meister slashes with her weapon once she in range. Her quarry had used Petal Burst to launch herself skyward and now has her weapon drawn at her once again. Maka shoots skyward to avoid the incoming blast. With a flip, she boots Ruby back to the ground. The nimble Huntress fires a shot from Crescent Rose to cushion her fall before she is quickly assaulted by Maka.

Ruby goes on the offensive, using the skills and techniques both taught to her by her uncle Qrow and what she learned on her own. She assaults Maka with incredible speed and ferocity. Now she is sure of it. She is in a battle with a tough opponent and needs to use all her abilities if she wants to survive and find her teammates. Ruby Rose uses her Semblance to keep the blonde girl with the large scythe on her toes. Dashing around her at a breakneck pace, firing out rounds from her faithful Crescent Rose. She is in her element. Crescent Rose was deemed a difficult weapon to use due to its powerful recoil. Whoever wields it must be able to withstand the weapon’s strong kickback. Ruby, however, uses Crescent Rose’s strong recoil to her advantage. She fires a shot to propel herself at Maka, uses another shot aimed to the ground to carry her over the Scythe Meister’s head and one more to launch at her back. Maka barely blocks her powerful strike. However, she is able to adjust her grip to push Ruby back and lash out with a fast strike. A cloud of rose Petals is all she struck.

Maka then quickly flips Soul over her shoulder, stopping Ruby in her tracks. Whirling around, she lunges for the red-haired girl. Ruby is quick to defend. Maka slashes again. Her strike is knocked aside, followed by a shot aimed at her head. It has little effect. Maka flourishes Soul around, staving off Ruby’s melee assaults while tanking her powerful gunfire from Crescent Rose. This is the power of her Black Blood armor. It makes her impervious to physical attacks and greatly increases her strength and other abilities. She used this form to defeat the Kishin Asura. Usually, the Black Blood would induce madness in the individual; however, Maka is able to resist the madness thanks to her Anti-madness Wavelength. Coupled with her Soul Perception, she is dangerous to witches and Kishin alike. Deflecting yet another attack, Maka drives Soul down. Ruby uses Crescent Rose powerful recoil to escape. Her safety is uninsured as Maka is fast upon her. Ruby then uses her Petal Burst to change direction and put distance between her and Maka. Again, the blonde girl still has her locked in. Ruby fends off the barrage of attack unleashed upon her before Maka grabs her by her face and throws her to the ground. Luckily, Ruby saves herself with Petal Burst.

Putting distance between her and Maka, the young Huntress stares her opponent down. Blood from the wound on her head trickles into the right eye which she wipes away. Ruby has used her best attacks against the blonde girl. She is just as skilled in combat as she is – perhaps even more so. Her aura is running low and her opponent is strong. Weighing her options, Ruby’s best choice is to distract Maka so she can escape. She must find her friends. Ruby then takes off like a rocket at Maka.

“She doesn’t know when to give up, does she?” says Soul.

“Apparently not,” replies Maka.

“Hey, I gotta an idea on how to wrap this up.”

“What is it?” asked Maka.

“Just get close to her. I’ll handle the rest,” Soul tells his partner.

“Alright” Maka replies. She whirls Soul around to block a hard strike from Ruby. Using her Semblance, Ruby comes at Maka from behind. The loud clang of Crescent Rose striking Soul signals another successful defense. Coming at Maka’s right side, the red-haired Huntress is denied and batted away again.  Maka catches a glimpse of rose Petals over her left shoulder. She dashes from the path of Ruby’s swinging blade and engages her yet again. Ruby fires two shots from Crescent Rose – one that launches her skyward to avoid Maka’s counterstrike and another that shoots her back down. Spinning like a buzzsaw, she drives down with her weapon, hoping to catch Maka before she can recover to defend. Luckily for Maka, she had seen enough of Ruby’s fighting capabilities and quickly swings Soul overhead to intercept the girl’s strike. Ruby flips backward and throws herself back at Maka. Her fast strike is blocked, however, Ruby vaults over her weapon and delivers a kick to Maka’s head. Upon landing, she spins on the balls of her feet, rests Crescent Rose across her shoulders with a flick, aims and fires. Unlike before, Ruby is using Yellow Dust which allows to fire electric blasts. Watching Maka recoil from the blast, the ammo seems to be effective. Jamming the blade into ground, Ruby fires several more concentrated blasts, each one striking hard and eventually dazing her opponent. Not wanting to waste her efforts, the red hooded Huntress dashes forward and brandishes her weapon. This strike will finish it.

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