Death by Roses: Maka Albarn vs. Ruby Rose – Chapter 6

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“We gotta stop her before she escapes again!” Maka says urgently, noticing Ruby heading for the forest edge again.

“That witch ain’t going anywhere. Hold on, Maka!” Soul tells. The wings along his blade glow brightly and they fly a great speed. Closing the gap quickly, Soul calls out to his partner. “Now Maka!” he says. Issuing one last burst of speed, they are over top of Ruby.

Maka grabs hold of Soul and whirls him around for a strike. “Let’s go, Soul!” she says. Together, they call out “Soul Resonance.” The blade at the end of Soul’s glows with ethereal light and increases in size. The Witch Hunt Slash is a powerful strike that can destroy a witch’s magic along with the witch herself. This technique is a specialty among scythe meisters like Maka and her mother who was said to be the most proficient user of it. Tightening her grip and twisting her shoulders, Maka unleashed the powerful strike.

Sensing the danger, Ruby quickly whips around and defends with Crescent Rose. However, she was ill-prepared for the strong attack and is sent crashing to the ground. Ruby aims her weapon toward the ground and fires off a shot, using the propulsion to twist through the air before firing off another round that lets her land with a safe slide.

Maka lands with a slide of her own after flying down with Soul. Standing firm, she stares Ruby down with a fierce gaze. She has given the red hooded girl plenty of opportunity to surrender peacefully. That ship has sailed. Now they will have to bring her in by force and get what ever information they can out of her about the unsanctioned experiments be conducted in the area.

Ruby Rose gazes back. Dropping low with Crescent Rose drawn back, she has tried several times to convince the blonde schoolgirl in black that she is a stranger in this land and that she is only looking for her teammates. She has done all she could to not harm her during this encounter. That has been cast to the wind. Now she will fight to save herself, find her friends and find a way back home.

Ruby and Maka break into ground devouring strides. Their weapons drifting behind them, waiting to be called into action. Ruby whips Crescent Rose forward and fires a shot, propelling herself into a backflip. The shot was intended to stop Maka, however she had anticipated the red hooded girl’s action and used Soul to vault over the blast. With a whirl of her body, Maka drives down with a strike, knocking Ruby to the ground. The Huntress from Beacon Academy nimbly rolls to her feet in time to block the next attack from the leader of DWMA Team Spatori. Shoving back, she lashes out Crescent Rose. The attack is block along with the two that she followed up with. Ruby swipes low, forcing Maka to jump. A fast spin brings her weapon across her shoulders and aimed at her opponent.

Maka, using her intuition, kicks the weapon aside and lands with a low fast swipe. Ruby has used her Petal Burst to escape injury. Standing to her feet, Maka waits. She takes a relaxed stance, with Soul propped by her side ready to defend, attack or both. She quickly snaps Soul over her shoulder to block the strike aimed for her back. Ruby has appeared behind her using Petal Burst. Vanishing in a cloud of rose Petals again, Ruby strikes. Maka snaps Soul downward, blocking a low strike. Then she whirls him to her left, then right and overhead. Due her Soul Perception, Maka can stave off Ruby’s speedy strikes, using it to sense her presence and reacting accordingly. Ruby comes at Maka with an upward slash. It is avoided. Maka lashes back with a fast swipe. Ruby blocks and counters. Maka does the same. The girls are evenly matched in skill. They whirl and slash their weapons with deadly grace while performing acrobatic flips and rolls, back breaking bends, and spins as they danced a macabre ballet.

Maka hops back to avoid an overhead strike from Ruby. However, the nimble Huntress had already swung herself onto her weapon and fires a shot at point-blank range while also propelling herself away from Maka. The force of the blast sends Maka tumbling backward. With a flip, Ruby lands safely in a low stance. She holds fast with Crescent Rose at the ready.

“Maka, you alright?” Soul asked.

Groaning as she sat up, Maka replies, “Yeah, that last shot stung a little.” She then stands to her feet. That shot from Crescent Rose had more impact than before. Ruby had intended to incapacitate her, not kill her. “She’s fighting harder this time,” Maka said.

“Looks like we’ll have to do the same,” Soul commented. “You good to go?”

Maka drops into a stance casts a fierce gaze at Ruby. “You bet.”

Ruby gazes back at the blonde girl. She sees that Maka is not going to let her off easy. To find her friends, she has to fight more serious. Flipping Crescent Rose behind her, she shoots herself forward after firing off a round.

Maka shows readiness and blocks the strike. Digging her feet, she fights hard to hold the red hooded girl back. Ruby presses her attack. Twisting her body and bunching her delicate muscles, she swings hard, using a blast from her weapon to fling her opponent through the air. Maka bounces on the ground and uses the momentum to roll and drive Soul’s blade into the ground to regain her footing. However, her safety is not assured as Ruby is fast upon her with her weapon drawn. Maka is batted aside. She rolls to her feet and flings Soul in front of her to defend against Ruby when she appeared to her right. After parrying the strike, she whirls around only to be countered. A quick flourish of defensive and offensive attacks, Maka manages to pin her weapon down and bash Ruby in her cheek with a hard-right punch. She kisses her face with another punch that staggers the red-haired girl. Now disarmed, Maka punishes Ruby with repeated punches to her face and body. Going for another blow, her fist is avoided when Ruby leans back and kicks Maka in her ribs.

Ruby may not be the best when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, but she has watched her sister Yang enough times to know basic self-defense. She returns with a hard right of her own and another after that. Her next is blocked and countered. Ruby rolls with the punch and whips out a fast roundhouse kick. Maka grabs her leg in time and throws Ruby to the ground. Ruby thrusts one leg forward, stomping Maka in her face just as she came at her with a raised fist before rolling backwards to her feet. Seizing that moment, she makes a break for Crescent Rose. Maka shakes off the kick received from Ruby and looks up in time to see the red hooded Huntress going for her weapon. She then takes off after her.

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