Dark Designs!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.2 Recap!!



Crane has been spending his time reading biblical scripture in order to learn why the Horseman took Katrina. He tells her how Katrina’s marriage to Abraham was financially beneficial to Abraham’s father. They drive up to the Dobb’s Point to a cabin and confirm that it is occupied by Katrina and the Horseman. Crane and Abbie return to their cabin where Crane learns that General Washington enlisted the help of the Coven and Benjamin Franklin to create a creature powerful enough to defeat the Horseman of Death. Abbie and Jennifer are adamant about Crane’s plan but they relent when Crane shows how adamant he is in saving Katrina. Mills visits Irving who is jail. He tells her that the Horseman’s head is in a safety deposit box at the bank. With Crane, she retrieves the head. Meanwhile, Jennifer is arrested by Sheriff Reyes. Mills and Crane arrive at the station. They try to explain the situation to Reyes but she refuses to listen. Without Jennifer, Abbie and Crane search the catacombs beneath Sleepy Hollow for the one thing that can stop the Horseman. Following Franklin’s notes, they finds a hidden wall containing a casket. Inside, they find the Kindred. In a cabin, Abraham prepares to leave to kill Crane. Katrina tries to convince him otherwise but he leaves regardless. He soon finds Crane while he is trying to revive the Kindred. Crane succeeds. While the Kindred battles Abraham, Crane heads for the cabin to save Katrina. However, Katrina decides to stay in order to learn more of their son Jeremy’s plan to bring Moloch to Earth. Reluctantly, Crane leaves Katrina. In the psychiatric ward, Irving is visited by his new lawyer—Henry Parrish.


If I haven’t said it before, I love how much this series turns you around. Once again, Sleepy Hollow continues with its Assassin’s Creed like approach to American history with a story that suggests that Benjamin Franklin created a powerful creature to combat the Horseman a’ la Victor Frankenstein. He pieced together body parts from fallen Colonial soldiers and summoned the creature known as the Kindred to life. It is always interesting how the series has put a dark twist on what we have read in history books. And the bonus is that it works for the show. Speaking of twists, Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane has darker designs in motion to aid in his master’s, the demon Moloch, escape from Purgatory. He has been fully aware of his father Ichabod Crane finding Katrina. However, he seemingly allows Crane to attempt to rescue Katrina even though he had this knowledge. His reason for this action lies with his new position as Frank Irving’s lawyer. No doubt he will use his sin eater abilities to peer into Irving’s mind and gather any information about Crane and Abbie’s plans. What’s more, he tricks Irving into signing a blood contract with him. With Irving in his court, Henry now has an advantage over the Two Witnesses.


Moloch and his minions have become the least of Crane and Abbie’s problems with the introduction of Sheriff Reyes who is more of a no nonsense officer than Frank Irving. Her by-the-book ways will certainly hinder their fight against to forces of darkness just as Irving did before his encounter with the Headless Horseman. I might be looking to deep into this but I have an odd feeling about Reyes. Further complicating things, Katrina has decided to stay behind and learn more of Moloch and their son Jeremy’s plan when Ichabod attempts to rescue her. She managed to convince Abraham to give her time to take him on her own free will. I gotta wonder if she still truly loves Ichabod. Twice already she has thrown Abbie a look. The first time was in the season one finale when Abbie and Crane came to rescue Katrina from Purgatory. She looked hard at Abbie as Crane swore to return for her. She has it again when Abbie arrives at the cabin to get Crane. Katrina might be developing jealously toward Abbie. Abraham pointed this out to her before he clashes with the Kindred a short while later. Heck, I wouldn’t doubt it. Katrina may be a witch but she is a woman as well.

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