Storybrooke gets Frozen over!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep1 Recap!!


Elsa's surprise arrival to Storybrooke in the season three finale

Elsa’s surprise arrival to Storybrooke in the season three finale

Elsa is freed from her imprisonment and makes her way to Storybrooke. Regina and Emma are at odds about the situation with Marion who still believes Regina is the Evil Queen. On their way home from the party, Grumpy and Sleepy lose control of their truck after Sleepy doses off. Elsa manages to freeze the truck before it hits her. In the past, Elsa helps her sister Anna prepare for her wedding. Elsa finds a journal belonging to their mother. Gold visits Neal Cassidy/Baelfire’s grave. Robin consoles Regina after making his decision to stay with Marion. Upset, Regina seeks help from the one person she, so to speak, trusts—Sidney Glass aka the Magic Mirror/Genie. Belle and Gold head to a mansion that seemingly has crossed over from the Enchanted Forest. Meanwhile, news of Elsa’s arrival spreads through Storybrooke. Hook and Emma track Elsa to an abandoned warehouse. Elsa creates a Snow Golem to protect herself. In her family mausoleum, Regina concocts a plan to kill Marion with help from Sidney.

Georgina Haig (L) and Elizabeth Lail (R) portray Elsa and Anna from the Disney film "Frozen"

Georgina Haig (L) and Elizabeth Lail (R) portray Elsa and Anna from the Disney film “Frozen”

The fourth season of Once Upon a Time begins with a retelling of Disney’s high grossing animated 2013 film “Frozen.” While it hasn’t yet to be revealed how Elsa’s story intertwines with Rumplestiltskin and why she was trapped by him, the story between Elsa and her sister Anna plays out much different than in the animated film. What was shown in the premiere can be best described as giving insight to Elsa and Anna’s lives following the feature film while intergrading plot devices from the aforementioned film. Anna is engaged to Kristoff. Elsa is helping her sister prepares for the wedding when she finds a journal belonging to their mother. Reading it, she learns why their parents left. The sisters visit the Troll King in search of answers. The Troll king reveals where the sisters’ parents have gone. Without Elsa’s knowledge, Anna journeys to the Enchanted Forest, setting up for her story, and Elsa’s, to mingle with the inhabitants there. Elsa is still having some trouble controlling with her powers and now she has to deal with being in this strange new land. She is still in search off her sister Anna who may likely be a resident in Storybrooke.

Regina can’t catch a break, can she? Just when things were going so well between her and Robin Hood, Emma brings Marion back with her from the past and ruins everything. After all she has done with dealing with her sister Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West, she could have at least gotten the guy. Oh well, better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, right? Wrong. It was inevitable that Regina would do anything to get her happy ending which was her main goal in the series first season. Regina enlists the help of Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror to change the past. Her first idea was to go back and kill Marion before she is rescued by Emma. However, her plan changes after she saves Marion from the Snow Golem created by Elsa. Emma tries to talk to Regina but Regina was not having it. She figures the reason that she is unable to have a happy ending is because of the storybook. She now wants to find whoever wrote the book and force them to give her a happy ending. Now we got the plot device for the season or first half if the series tackles two storylines instead of one. But who wrote the book indeed? What kind of angst do they have against Regina to keep her life in the dark? More importantly, who has that kind of power? Fate? That would be a good guess. As most of these stories are from Germanic lore, the likely candidate are the Norns, who determine a person’s fate or future. This would be a nice twist in the series mythos.

Elizabeth Mitchell will portray the Snow Queen

Elizabeth Mitchell will portray the Snow Queen

Once a side note, it has been confirmed that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland star Michael Socha will join the regular cast as Will Scarlett. Elizabeth Mitchel, known for role as Rachel Matheson on the NBC series Revolution, is slated to appear as the new main antagonist the Snow Queen and the second half of the season will see the return of Kristin Bauer van Straten as Maleficent in a recurring capacity for a “major arc”. With the recent Maleficent film starring Angelina Jolie, there is little doubt that that film’s plot will be incorporate in Once Upon a Time as well.

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