Dante vs. Bayonetta-Chapter 1

*Author’s note-I came up with the idea for this fan-fic after playing Bayonetta and Devil May cry 4 and I thought it would be interesting to put these two characters together. I’m enjoying writing this so I hope you enjoy reading it.*

Nighttime has fallen on a city in Europe. The lights of the city shine brightly amidst the darkness. Buildings and landmarks were all aglow for the citizens and numerous visitors to enjoy. The various taxis, buses and other vehicles aided the street lamps in illuminating the city streets. There are many people walking the streets either to go to dinner or tour the marvelous sites and other attractions. This is evening hustle and bustle, and it’s just as active as it is during the daytime. Every hotel was filled with visitors from across the globe as well as local residents. People entering the hotel are greeted with a pleasant smile and are promptly and properly serviced. The hotel’s restaurant, along with other restaurants, makes sure their customers are provided with excellent food and complimentary service. The European city was enjoying another entertaining evening that is one of many. However, there some places that are not quite as enchanting.

Clopping footsteps rapidly descended down an empty alley. A woman looks back for her pursuers with fearful eyes. Her high heels clacked loudly on the cobblestone street as she trotted through the narrow winding alleyway. Soon she reaches an intersecting alley and stops. The casually dressed woman frantically searches around, her dark hair whipped around wildly as she desperately tried to decide which way to go. Heavy footfalls rapidly approach from behind her. Driven by fear, the woman darts down the intersecting alleyway, hoping to lose who or whatever’s chasing her. Her new path of escape is poorly lit and unlike the alley she just left, there were no twists and turns. But she didn’t care. She just wanted to get away.

The woman soon stops suddenly. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at what barred her path. The alleyway was a dead end. Her mind was too racked with fear to process that she can go no further. The woman whirls around to return the way she came but she stops before she even starts. Two creatures stood just a few feet away from her. As they walk toward her, another pair of creatures emerge from the darkness. The woman slowly inches back, putting her arms in front of her as if to put up a wall between herself and the creatures. She shudders from the fear welling up inside her even more.

The creatures were gangly and grotesque with skin a black as night, shining red eyes and razor sharp teeth. Their bodies bulged with muscle despite their lanky appearance. Walking on all fours, the creatures slowly approach the woman, their claws scraping the cobblestone with each step. More creatures soon emerge from the darkness and methodically converge on the woman like hungry wolves.

The woman waited for her impending demise. Her once wonderful evening has turned into a horrific nightmare. It was just two hours ago when she met a nice gentleman at the hotel she was staying at. The man was young and handsome. He was a local who lived just outside the brightly lit city. After a short tour and a long, engaging dinner, the woman’s suave date invited her back to his house which she kindly accepted. She didn’t know that such an innocent gesture would turn into horrendous experience. The only solace the woman can take is that she is currently in far better shape than her date who was the creatures’ first victim, kicking off her adventurous romp thru dark alleys to escape the same grisly fate. She can feel the nearest creature’s hot breath caress her legs. She scans her wide frightened eyes across the dozen or so creatures. Then she closes them, waiting for her end.