Cosplay Spotlight: Cnidarium


Cnidarium, this is your week in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!

Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay because I see it as an extension of my art I create as a photographer. Cosplay not only allows me to embody the characters I admire from comic books, video games and anime but it also challenges me to reach outside of my creativity comfort zone and acquire new skills.

What was your first cosplay?

My very first cosplay was Uchiha Sasuke which I wore to my first con (Anime Expo 2005) and which sadly managed to completely fall apart over the course of 4 days.

Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average costume take to make?

I make all of my own costumes but will occasionally modify existing second-hand items if I can find them as well as re-purposing household items for props and armor pieces.

Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

Currently my favorite character to cosplay is my own modified version of Fem Loki which I JUST finished in time for Albuquerque Comic Expo.

Amongst animation, comics, movies, or video games, what is your biggest inspiration for cosplay?

One of my biggest inspirations for cosplay comes from video games because of their incredibly detailed and innovative character designs. I grew up playing video games and have always been infatuated by the brightly colored hair and elaborate costumes worn by the characters in fighting games and RPG’s. It was these fabulously intricate, and often gravity-defying, designs that initially sparked my interest in costuming and cosplay.

Have you ever made any mistakes that you’d warn a first timer about?

My biggest word of advice to a first-timer is to over-plan for your costumes and really think about the details before diving in head-first. Pay close attention to fabrics, textures, sizing proportions, and construction because having a detailed game-plan will drastically reduce the potential for mistakes.

Are there certain characters that are easier to cosplay as than others?

There are most certainly characters that are easier to cosplay and for me those are one’s where I can utilize my own hair instead of a wig as well as costumes that have fewer separate components.




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