Cartoon Network and Crunchyroll joining forces to bring Toonami to Latin America!!

¿Qué pasa, fanáticos del anime?

What’s up, anime fans?! DevilDriver1313 here with some news for the Latin anime lovers. Crunchyroll and Cartoon Network are teaming up to bring Toonami back to Latin America beginning August 31. Dragonball Super starts things off for the the block that will air Monday through Friday midnight to 1 am. A mix of other shows curated by Crunchyroll will be included starting with Mob Psycho 101. Each series will be dubbed in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Head of Global Operations and International at Crunchyroll, Brady McCollen, commented on the news:

“The team at Cartoon Network have been incredible partners in helping us grow the love of anime around and their Toonami block has been the premiere television destination for the anime community By powering Toonami’s return to Latin America with series curated by Crunchyroll, we can’t wait to create even more fans of the medium we love.”

Crunchyroll and Toonami are also working on an original anime series, Fena: Pirate Princess and revealed a new look for Blade Runner – Black Lotus at last month’s Adult Swim Con.