Comic Book Series ‘Elysian Fields’ has a IndieGoGo!

Fate shackled Achilles in life, in death he was finally free until a mysterious calling took him from his peace and he is forced to fight as a champion for Hades in a tournament that crowns the ruler of the underworld every thousand years.

Elysian Fields started off as an innocent game played by a bunch of nerdy kids obsessed with mythology.

“We’d discuss and debate which heroes of myth would win in a fight. One way or another this concept grew until it eventually became a concept that always stuck with me and eventually grew into the story I am currently working on bringing to life. With my story and script and Marcelo’s amazing art, we hope to deliver to audiences an action packed story with dynamic combat and fluid storytelling!” – Michael Oden

We recently started a campaign IndieGoGo to raise the funds necessary to publish this book and invest in the future of both Elysian Fields and our Publishing Imprint: 9 Realms Publishing LLC.

The Flex Goal of this campaign is $10,000 USD and we are steadily rising to meet that goal!