Audio/Visual work from Axiom Crux

Music videos these days can be very hit or very miss. What strikes me about this one in particular is just how unique  the concept is, and how it is made to flow with the music. From what I’ve interpreted, the Audio & Visual artist Nicholas C. Raftis III aka Axiom Crux, has animated the evolution of an outer space virus which grows and morphs to the beat of a dubstep track. The ending is intense. Song is Doomsday Ticket by artist Mindelixir.

Mindelixir – Doomsday Ticket from Axiom Crux on Vimeo.

From his profile on

“Nicholas C. Raftis III is an audio and visual creative entity, striving to manifest inherently fused synaesthetic animations and music, via programming organic generative systems based on genetics, simulating the evolution of abstract virtual worlds of sound and vision. Designing hyperdetailed soundscapes using cutting edge custom designed sensor instruments. Balancing this technical science of rhythm and form with expressive harmonies, tones and colors. Invoking the mysterious abstract nature of space and reality, inspired by science and the infinite fractalized beauty of nature.”

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