Doctor Octoroc’s 8-Bit Arts

For those of you who havent havent heard of him, Levi “Doctor Octoroc” Buffum is a Philadelphia based Artist, Designer, Animator, Musician and Classic Video Game Enthusiast. He initially gained notable Internet recognition in December 2008 with his chiptune album of Christmas songs arranged in the style of different NES games, entitled 8-Bit Jesus 

He later made a name for himself as a freelance artist, creating 8-bit and 16-bit parody animations, and has created works of animation based on Twilight, Jersey Shore, Glee, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Man Vs. Wild.

Here are a few examples below:
First, his animated video of YTCracker’s audio track “The Link”:

Lyrics by nerdcore rapper YTCracker

Beat and Production by Dicepticon

Animation by Doctor Octoroc

Here’s the Doctor’s 16-Bit RPG parody of Game of Thrones
Music + Graphics + Animation: Doctor Octoroc

And one of a large series of Chuck Norris vs Video games series, animated by Doctor Octoroc and  voiced by Dane Boe, the voice of the Annoying Orange

But 8-Bit Music and animation is just a small part of this artist’s creative world

He’s well known in my hometown of media, PA for creating amazing “bead sprites” of characters and machines from video games, comics and TV shows. We were lucky enough to pick up some of his work at a media art show, and some of his extra pieces were thrown in free!

Rogue, Psylocke, and Shadowcat

Not sure about the origin of this one, but I LOVE it!

And now, some shots from his flickr page:
(All photos taken by Doctor Octoroc)

Display Table at 8-Bit and Beyond Art show

The foam bass for 3D projects, like this Tank from Metal Slug


Captain Falcon’s Blue Falcon, from F-ZERO

Metal Slug Gunner Bot

Venom from Spiderman Series

And a Giant Magneto

For MANY more AWESOME shots of his Bead Sprites, do yourself a favor and check out his flickr page:

 The Doc’s DJ setup from Philly’s 8-Bit and Beyond Art show

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