Anarky Reigns and Thea’s pain!! Arrow S4 Ep.2 Recap!!



The Ghosts’ actions become more brazen as they attack another mayoral candidate Jessica Danforth who is a family friend of the Queens. Oliver talks with Quentin Lance about protecting Jessica but he not too keen on the idea. Back at the base, Felicity manages to discover residue on the fingerprints left by the would-be assassin that trace back to a decommissioned paper mill. Green Arrow and Red Arrow go to the mill and ask a pusher about the assassin Lonnie Machin. However, Red Arrow quickly becomes aggressive and breaks the man’s arm. When they return, Oliver confronts Thea about her behavior. She lashes out at him until, she is pulled off of Oliver by Diggle. Oliver then tells Thea about the side effect of the Lazarus Pits. Angered by this, Thea leaves. Elsewhere, Jessica’s daughter Madison is kidnapped by Lonnie Machin who offers her up to Damien Darhk. Darhk is disappointed by Lonnie’s actions and ends his relationship with him. Lance later meets with Darhk demanding the return of Madison and threatening to end his deal with him. Damien Darhk returns a threat of his own, aimed at Quentin’s daughter Laurel. Lance has no choice but to continue to work with Darhk. Before he leaves, Darhk hands Lance a note with the address of the place Madison is being held. Team Arrow bursts into the bar and confront Lonnie Machin. Diggle and Black Canary take Madison to safety, leaving Red and Green Arrow to deal with Machin. During the confrontation, Red Arrow’s aggression grows again and she nearly kills Machin when she sets him on fire using his own shock stick on him. Luckily, Green Arrow shoots the building’s sprinkler system to put Machin out, saving his life. Jessica is reunited with her daughter where she announces ending her run for mayor. Oliver meets Felicity that night and tells her that he will run for mayor and at Sarah Lance’s grave, Laurel and Thea exhume the coffin with the intent of going to the League of Shadows.


All did not go well for Thea Queen after she was revived by the Lazarus Pit. It turns out she’s suffering from the side effects which causes extreme aggression is anyone revived by the pits. This is evident when they encountered the Ghosts and Thea as Red Arrow nearly beats several of the soldiers to death. And this is made clearer when she attacks her own brother when questioned about her actions. It is then that he reveals the truth about the pits and what happens to those who come out of them. And the final seal on this is when they encounter Lonnie Machin and Thea sets him on fire using his own shock stick. Watching Thea, Oliver sees the person he used to being when it started out as the Arrow. He was extremely aggressive and angry. He did not hesitate putting down the men on his father’s list. Oliver clearly does not want his sister to follow the path that he once took. A path like that only leads down a dark road, a dark road that he’s afraid his sister will not come back from. On a different note there is still tension between Oliver and Diggle. Diggle is still uncomfortable being around a man who threatened his family and who, in turn, was supposed to be his closest friend. But we learn that the matter goes deeper than that. John reveals to Laurel that his brother was killed by the H.I.V.E. two years ago and has been investigating up ever since. Oliver mentioning that Damien Darhk has a hive of soldiers most likely reopened old wounds. John felt that Oliver had kept a secret from him when in actuality it was all misunderstanding. Hopefully John and Oliver can work out their situation.

Lonnie Machin aka Anarky is portrayed by Alexander Calvert

Lonnie Machin aka Anarky is portrayed by Alexander Calvert

We get introduced to a brand new villain in this episode, one that we are all familiar with. His name is Lonnie Machin who DC fans all know as the villain Anarky. Mostly know as an antagonist of Batman, this Anarky is just starting out as a would be assassin trying to get into the hive. However, his wayward actions do not impress Darrin Darhk. Darhk is about precision and order. Lonnie is about the chaos and in disorder. He’s not about rules except for breaking them. In DC Comics, he was a terrorist who took on governments and other political organizations in an effort to spread his brand of organized chaos. Much of his personality is kept intact in Arrow. He still has issues with rules and tends to be over ambitious. Two defining qualities that are not to Damien’s liking. Machin is taken down by Green and Red Arrow in a which he is severely injured by Red Arrow. However, Lonnie does escape while on his way to Star City General Hospital, killing the two EMTs along the way. Lonnie leaves behind his trademark symbol, signaling his possible return. And with Star City without a mayor it shouldn’t be too hard for anarchy to reign.

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