Jack rips it up in Sleepy Hollow!! S3 Ep.3 Recap!!



Pandora seduces a young man down on his luck at a bar. The next morning the young man wakes with a strange knife in his hand. At his work, the young man overhears a conversation between to co-workers, one of whom went on a date with a girl he had feelings toward. Crane and Abbie investigate a murder at the office building. They find the victim who has been drained of all his blood. Crane recognizes the body’s condition. They head aback to the archives where Crane tells Abbie the story of his encounter with Jack the Ripper over a century before the White Chapel murders. Elsewhere, Jenny and Joey are on the hunt for the Shard of Anubis. And Pandora continues to work her dark magic on the hapless young office clerk. Abbie and Crane head to the apartment of Nelson Myers, the office clerk wielding the ancient dagger. They confront Nelson and attempt to convince him to fight against the dagger’s influence. However, Nelson is slowly succumbing to its power. Abbie shoots Myers when he lunges for her. Despite falling two stories to the ground, Myers survives. Crane and Abbie head to the FBI branch in Sleepy Hollow where they investigate the murders at Crane’s old school. They learn that the knife’s weakness is diseased blood and Nelson’s next target. Abbie makes an arrangement for Emily to be picked up but when they lose contact with the agent, they track him to the parking garage where they find his body. Abbie and Crane confront Nelson who is holding Emily hostage. Nelson is distracted long enough for Abbie to rescue Emily. After failing to administer the first vial of diseased blood via a shotgun, Crane engages Nelson who stabs Crane, unaware that he had used the last vial on himself. Pandora appears to Abbie while she held Crane. Later, Crane is given medicine to fight the malaria he infected himself with. They both try to figure out Pandora’s motive and purpose for being in Sleepy Hollow.


There are many sword and knives throughout mythology. Some of these weapons were wielded by the Gods of the Old World. They possessed fantastical powers. They also were extraordinarily dangerous. Abbie and Crane encounter one such blade belonging to the latter. Pandora has conjured a knife that drains the blood of its victims and grows in strength. One of the most recognized blood thirsty blade is the Muramasa, said the have been crafted by Muramasa, pupil to master sword craftsman Masamune. The Muramasa was a blade that cut without regard. It is possible that that legend has become the fuel for the evil dagger that was once held by one of the most well-known serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper. Crane has said to have encounter the Ripper a century prior to the infamous White Chapel murders during his youth. This brings him and Abbie closer in their friendship since they both have now had supernatural encounters in their early years. I like how the series is keeping things simplistic, focusing on the witnesses and their mission to prevent the end of days. The introduction of Pandora and the hunt for ancient artifacts have given Sleepy Hollow the feel of the CW series “Supernatural” in its early years. With these elements in play, there should be no shortage of work for Abbie and Crane.

Taking a look at the lighter side of things, Ichabod Crane appears to have found new kinship in the modern world. Zoe Cornith came into Crane’s life when he tries to get the town to preserve the archives as historical landmark. Zoe takes a liking to Crane due his charm and eloquent speech. Being a part of the Historical Society, Zoe relates to Crane easily. Of course, this is not the first time Crane has found someone to share his interests with. He had befriended a colonial reenactor named Caroline who was later killed by the Weeping Lady. Hopefully, Crane will be able to keep this one. It would be nice to see him happy with someone who shares his personality.

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