A new arrival in Storybrooke?!! Once Upon A Time S2 Ep12 Recap!!


There’s a town full of people from a magical land living in isolation from the real world courtesy of a spell. That spell is now gone and someone from the real world has entered this peaceful town. Now you got a huge ‘OMG’ moment. Last night’s “Once” picks up at the moment when a car has crossed the border into Storybrooke. The only other people to arrive in Storybrooke who weren’t residents were Emma and a grown-up Pinocchio (arrives mid-season 1). However, they had a connection to the people from the Enchanted Forest. This person is an outsider. Doing the right thing, the stranger, later identified as Mendel, is taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, as is Hook who is kept under lock and key. This is where Leroy’s (Grumpy) concerns are raised high along with David and Ruby. This sets the tone for the episode—morality.

Because of the injuries, Mary Margaret, David, Emma, Ruby and Dr. Whale discuss Mendel’s fate. While Emma and Mary Margaret believe in treating the man, everyone else believes in letting him succumb to his injuries for the sake of the town and everyone in it. Greater concerns arise in the form of Regina and her mother Cora and the possibility of what would occur should they reunite. The idea of letting the man die is starting to sound good to Leroy who is worried of what would happen if the man Mendel saw magic being spun about. Emma objects and suggests that Dr. Whale perform surgery to save Mendel’s life. Dr. Whale is willing to let him die from his injuries, expressing little remorse which isn’t hard for him considering who he really is—Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

It's alive! Gregory Itzin portrays Mary Shelley's monster maker Victor Frankenstein

In the Fairy Tale world, Victor Frankenstein was searching for a way to bring back the dead in his search for immortality. When his funding is cut due to poor results (and his father’s disapproval), Victor receives help from an unlikely and unlikeable source. The deal making Rumplestiltskin shows up in Victor’s world and to makes him an offer to fund his research. As we all know, Frankenstein robbed bodies from the cemetery as subjects for his experiment. This remains in “Once” as he is digging through a cemetery for the perfect body. His brother finds him and immediately disapproves of the length Victor has stooped to. It is not long before they are discovered by the authorities which lead to Victor’s brother being fatally shot. However, this turns to Victor’s favor as he now has a perfect test subject—his brother. With Rumplestiltskin’s help, Frankenstein succeeds in resurrecting his brother. He brings him before his father who immediately denounces both of them when he realizes his son is no longer the man he knew—either of them. Victor’s father lashes out at him but his brother intervenes and kills their father. Confused, he then goes after his brother. If you know the story, you know what happens next. Luckily, that doesn’t occur. Victor’s brother remembers who he is and releases him. Victor looks upon his brother he made into a monster. Taking a gun, he aims to end his life. His brother takes the barrel and places it against his head. It is a mutual decision. However, Victor cannot pull the trigger, for he loves his brother.

Victor’s regrets for his macabre act still haunt him even now is his life as Dr. Whale. He attempts suicide seeing death as his only release from his torment. He has been called many things; among them a monster. He has done nothing but take life and he wants to end his nightmare. Luckily, Ruby is there to save him and share a heart-to-heart as she knows a thing or two about monsters. Ruby’s words get through and Victor Frankenstein/Dr. Whale returns to the hospital to save Mendel’s life.

Mother Dearest Cora (Barbara Hershey)

While the doctor has come to terms with his past, Gold is having a hard time coming to terms with an amnesic Belle. Hook has truly dealt a blow to the former Dark One, striking him at his only weakness—his love for Belle. Gold tries to help her remember but she pushes him away. Heartbroken, Gold relents and seeks help to find his son Bae from the last person he wanted to ask—Emma. Meanwhile, Cora meets up with her daughter Regina and tests her morale when it comes to being with Henry. She manipulates her into believing that she can never be accepted as no one other than the Evil Queen. Regina hates everything her mother did to her but deep inside she still loves her and now with the spot she is in, Cora is her only help.

With all that has happened, it’s a wonder what the people of Storybrooke will do now that the outside world can freely enter their town. Real question is what are they going to do now that Mendel has informed someone of what he saw when he entered Storybrooke.

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