“Immortal Era” Review

“May you live forever.”
That line, a curse from Spartan Leonidas, as spoken to Ephialtes who betrayed Sparta by helping the Persians find a way of defeat them at Thermopylae.
That curse resonates with people in the series Immortal Era, which is a story about a time 200 years in the future where no one has died since the year 2000. Instead of Common Era (CE), the years are now called After Death Era (ADE).
The denizens of underground Hope Village are looking for a way to end the curse while trying to survive against flesh eating “Eaters.”
They send Miguel, who was born above ground and so has a chip in him that lets him roam freely, to go on supply runs there. He also goes on quests for Dr. Mann, a person who is only made up of a head, looking for clues to ending the no-death situation.
Without spoiling the story, we find out what happened to the world where death no longer applies and why.
While immortality might sound intriguing, it is a nightmare – you still get old and frail, you can lose limbs (in Dr. Mann’s case, almost his entire body), and still feel pain.

Alongside Miguel and Dr. Mann are Aaroni, Kimberly, and Father.
Aaroni is tough, one of the best soldiers in the village, and kicks some serious butt, as does Miguel.
Kimberly is soft, shallow, and vain. Her talents come out later as she prepares Aaroni for life above ground.
Father holds the village together and looks after Miguel, Aaroni, Dr. Mann, and Kimberly. He is also smart and tough and does serious damage to his opponents.
Written by Edward Davis and drawn by Cezar Oliveira, Immortal Era is not your typical dystopian story. While the “Eaters” in the story are like zombies, we find the plot changes from mere survival to finding a way out of the predicament.
As the story unfolds, we learn more about each of the main characters through flashbacks and become invested in their narratives.
The only flaw in the comic books is the font, where the letter “D” looks like a “P,” but that’s minor.
Davis and Oliveira are joined by colorist Viviana Spinelli and letterer Manny Hernandez to put out a page-turner that’s also nice to look at.
Published by Finish Line Comics, this indie title stands toe to toe with those from the bigger comic book publishers. A must read!

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