Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Ch.11!!


Chapter 11
“You have done well, Guardian,” She said with an angelic voice.
“How did you know who I was?” he asked.
“I know a lot about you, young Defender. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Edenia, the Spirit of Earth. And I know you have a lot of questions to ask and I will be glad to answer them,” said the Earthen Spirit.
“Really? Then I guess you can tell me what is going on here?” asked Guardian.
“A terrible evil threatens the Earth and it is up to the Defenders to come together once again and vanquish it,” said Edenia.
“Pajama boy called me a Defender. What is it?”
“If you come with me Guardian, I will explain everything. About the Dark Realm and your powers,” Edenia said as she extended her hand. Guardian hesitates for a moment as he decides whether to trust the Earthen Spirit. “I know it’s hard for you to trust anyone since the death of your mother, Brandon,” Edenia said sincerely.
Surprised, Guardian looks at Edenia and asks, “How did you know that? I didn’t tell anyone about my mother or what my real name is.” He stared at Edenia attentively, searching for some sort of deception. He found none. “You seem to be alright. Alright, I’ll come with you; besides, for some reason I feel that you are the only person who can help me make sense of everything. That and you’re the first person to mention my powers who wasn’t a jerk.” Then he walks over to Edenia and stands next her. She raises one arm in the air and they both disappear in a ball of light.
They reappear in an unknown place that Edenia calls home. Guardian looks around this unfamiliar location and marvels at its beauty. The place seems to be made up of crystal and diamond that shimmers with beauty and elegance. Even the floor appeared to be created out of the precious rocks as well as it sparkles with a beautiful spectrum. “What is this place?” Guardian asked in awe, “It’s beautiful.”
“This is my home. The Crystal Chamber,” said Edenia, “Now Guardian, I shall answer any questions you have.”
“Can you tell me why I have these powers and what the Defenders are?” asked Guardian.
“I will answer your question but first you must answer a question of mine. Do you have visions of an ancient battle that’s centuries old?”
Guardian is startled by the question. He has had dreams of such a thing but he disregarded them and never gave them thought again. He isn’t sure how this person who claims to be the Spirit of Earth would know about something that he has not told anyone, not even his mother. However, she is the first person who knows about his powers that hasn’t tried to kill him. “Well, yeah I have but I never gave it much thought. I used to have these dreams when I was younger once in a while but ever since I developed these powers, the dreams have been coming more frequently, and each time I had one those dreams there was always a lady in them. I don’t know who she is but for some reason she seems familiar to me,” he finally answers.
Edenia waved her hand in the air at the wall behind her and an image appeared on it. “Is this the woman in your dreams?” she said. Guardian stared at the image of the woman dressed in a turquoise outfit with long flowing blue hair and green eyes. Lavish jewels hung around her neck and she held an elegant staff with a serpent’s head on its tip. The outfit she wore looked Egyptian. Suddenly he recognized the woman.
“That’s her! The woman from my dreams,” he said surprised, “Who is she?”
“She is Indra, the goddess of thunder and lightning. And she is your ancestor.”
“My ancestor? You mean…”
“Yes, Guardian, you are her descendant,” Edenia said, “As for what the Defenders are; the Defenders were four gods chosen to protect Earth from evil. I gathered the first group of Defenders together 3000 years ago. I chose four gods to defend Earth from the Dark Realm. Your ancestor, Indra, was one of the four.”
“You mean this isn’t the first time this Dark Realm has come to Earth? Edenia, what is the Dark Realm?” asked Guardian.
“A desolate wasteland ruled by a malevolent being known as Jaquio. The realm now known as the Dark Realm was once a beautiful and tranquil place called Argetha. It was a peaceful place until Jaquio and his army ravaged the land and twisted it into an evil plane of darkness and chaos. He enslaved the Argethan people and destroyed the former ruler’s palace in order to erect his castle; the Tower of Darkness. Jaquio has used up Argetha’s resources and now sets his sights on Earth. He has tried once before but the Defenders I gathered together the first time were able to drive Jaquio and his army back to the Dark Realm. In the end, Jaquio swore that one day he would return. That is why you have the powers of your ancestor; your purpose is to protect Earth from the Dark Realm, Guardian. That is what you were born to do; this is your destiny,” Edenia said, “And the answer to your previous question about your mother is that two members of the Dark Realm were involved in her death.”
“You said that two members of the Dark Realm killed my mother?! Who were they?” Guardian said.
“You defeated them both on that same night,” Edenia told him.
“Akeem and Derrick? They were with the Dark Realm?”
“Yes, Akeem was a full member and Derrick was to be recruited into Jaquio’s army.”
Guardian stood still for a few moments as he tries to piece together the new information that Edenia has told him about his mother’s death. Then he asks Edenia about the other three Defenders. “I tracked three other possible Defenders some time ago but I have not felt their presence since then,” said Edenia, “But do not try and seek them out; in time they will come to you.”
Guardian is silent for a moment before he says, “Edenia, you have helped answer questions that I could not ask anyone else. Ever since my mom was killed and after I gained these powers, I wondered about the reason behind having these abilities. Now I realize my purpose. My father used to always tell me that I would achieve greatness one day. I see that it’s more about than just me protecting Philadelphia. There’s something out there that threatens to put the whole world at stake. Edenia, I accept my destiny and I will defend my city and Earth against the Dark Realm.”
“I knew you would, Defender,” Edenia said gratefully.
“But first I have to say goodbye to someone. Someone I care about a lot,” Guardian said sadly, “Can you send me back to Philadelphia?”
“Of course. When you want to return; just say my name,” Edenia said. Then she raises her hand in the air and Guardian disappears in a soft flash.

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