Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 10: Yu Tendo vs Ferrah Nile Pt.4!!

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Yu and Ferrah continue to push themselves and their beyblades to their limits. The two beyblades are locked in a dead heat of warring attacks. Flame Libra pushes back against Silver Scarab’s Moonlight Burst. Silver Scarab responds in kind. Soundwaves resonate throughout the arena, chipping away at the masonry work and cracking stone surfaces. Yugi and Gingka brace themselves to keep their ground while Odom observes with calm diligence.

The battle is beginning to take its toll on her but Ferrah does not let it show. She stands firm despite her growing fatigue. She knew Yu Tendo was a strong blader however, she mistakenly set her expectations low. Her intention was to use Yu’s own strategy against him by having her Beyblade create a sand trap for it to launch sneak attacks to wear down Flame Libra. Yu turned the tables on her when he used Libra’s Sonic Shield to deflect Silver Scarab’s strikes. She is now locked in a stalemate against the former Dark Nebula blader. If something isn’t done to turn the tide, Ferrah will lose the battle.

“Scarab!” Ferrah hollers out. Silver Scarab responds and generates more sonic pressure. There are no other options for her. This is a desparate move. Her only choice is to hold her ground against Yu and hope that their warring attacks cancel each other out, ending the battle with a tie.

Yu Tendo looks at Ferrah and smiles. “Guess that’s it, eh?” he says.

Ferrah looks back curiously. Then she glances over at her bey and is dumbstruck. Despite her last burst of power, it did nothing to unnerve Flame Libra. “What?! That’s…not possible!”

“I gotta hand it to you. This battle was actually a leittle fun, but it’s gotten boring,” Yu says casually. Then he raises a finger to the sky and calls out. “Do it, Libra! Full power!”

“No way! He wasn’t using all his strength?!” Ferrah said in shock.

Flame Libra flashes brightly before unleashing a burst of energy that steadily pushes back Silver Scarab’s Moonlight Burst. Unseen to everyone, Silver Scarab’s fusion wheel begins to crack. It’s limit has been reached. Soon, the green light of Flame Libra swallows the white light before fading softly. Ferrah watches her Beyblade fall to the ground from above and roll to her feet. “No…,” she says before slumping to the ground.

“He did it!” says Kenta.

“Way to go, Yu!” bolsters Benkei.

“Yeah,” Jonouchi and Honda cheered.

“Whoo!” Madoka and Anzu joined in.

“You did it, Yu!” Gingka says excitedly.

“Excellent, Yu!” Yami said with elation.

Yu turns to his friends and smiles big. However, the celebration is brought to a grinding halt by an explosion at Yu’s back. Yu looks over his shoulder in time to see his bey tumble on the ground and come to rest next to him.

“What…? What the heck just happened?” Gingka asked in disbelief. His question answered by a wicked laugh from Odom. Gingka, Yugi and Yu look at the muscular man with his launcher in hand and a devious grin on his face.

“Let the final battle begin,” said Odom.

“Hey!” Ferrah exclaimed. “What do you think you’re doing Odom?!”

Odom looks down at her. “There is no more need for you,” he says stoically.

“What the heck are you talking about?! Have you lost your—” Ferrah started to say before she is cut off.

“You had better watch your tone with me, Ferrah Nyle,” Odom hissed.

Ferrah was about to protest again but holds her tongue. Looking at Odom, she can see that he is not the same man. Odom has been known for his stoic silence, speaking only when necessary. This occurs mostly when he is offering advice. For him to act without being provoked is out of character. Ferrah looks to Osiris for his reaction. The Egyptian God offers none. He simply peers down with an unerring gaze. Then, in that moment, Ferrah is taken aback. That gaze. She has seen numerous times before, but not from Lord Osiris. The young girl whips her head around back to Odom, or rather the man who looks like him.

“Wait… It can’t be,” she says in disbelief.

“I’m afraid so, Ferrah,” Yami spoke up. Ferrah turns to him. “I suspected it from the start of this tournament. The man sitting up there is not the Egyptian God of Judgement. It is this man before us.”

“Wha…are you sure, Yugi?” Gingka asked, looking back and forth between the two men in confusion.

“I was not sure at first. I have been sensing a strong presence from this man since this tournament began. In fact, all of our opponents have had strong energies about them, but his was exceptional.” Yami then looks to the seating area above the stadium. “Then I felt the energy of the man proclaiming to be Osiris. It is different from the man who claimed to be Odom.”

“How do you know now that this guy is Osiris?” asked Yu.

“Ferrah,” Yami says after a brief pause. She looks to him. “Tell us the name of that man standing beside you,” he tells her firmly while casting a steely gaze.

Ferrah stands silent. She gazes up at the man by her side. In his eyes and by his imposing presence, she knows precisely who he is. “Lord Osiris,” she finally answers.

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