Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 10: Yu Tendo vs. Ferrah Nile Pt.3!!

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Before Yu could think about Ferrah’s words, Silver Scarab bursts from under the sand and strikes his bey hard. Libra is briefly knocked in the air before slamming back on the ground. Just as Yu mounts a counterattack, Silver Scarab quickly buries itself in the sand again.

“Man, it went under again,” Gingka said, frustrated.

“Just as I thought, Ferrah is using the sand to hide Silver Scarab and strike when ready,” said Yami.

“Is there anything Yu can do?” asked Gingka.

Yami eyes Gingka. He has already considered the possibilities for Yu to turn the battle around. He has found none. “I am sorry, Gingka. I do not see a possible way for Yu to get out of this.”

Gingka stared in disbelief. He knew that there must be a way for Yu to turn the tide. He has seen him in battle plenty of times before and Yu, being the genius that he is, has found a way to beat his opponents. For Yugi to tell that there is no way was alien to him. Gingka knew better. He knows Yu will find a way to overcome and defeat Ferrah. He had to believe it. He did believe it.

“No, there has to be a way. There always is,” Gingka said, his voice laced with determination. “Yu will get through this. He’ll find a way to beat her.” Gingka then calls out to Yu. “Come on, Yu! You can get through this, I know you can! You’re not called the ‘prodigy of Beyblade’ for nothin’, are ya?!”

Hearing Gingka’s words sparks a flame in Yu. He has had his back to the wall several times before and has pushed forward so long as his Beyblade is still spinning. He throws a stern look Ferrah’s way, drawing a reaction from her. “Gingka’s right. I am a genius. I will beat you!”

“Heh. Genius, eh?” Ferrah glares back with a snide grin. “Well, let’s see you get around this, you so-called genius.” She then swings one arm up high. Silver Scarab bursts from the beneath the sand a moment later, a short distance from Libra.

Yu casts a smile. He was anticipating this. “Do it now, Libra! Sonic Shield!” he called out. Just as Silver Scarab is about to strike, Flame Libra vibrates rapidly and unleashes a soundwave that knocks Silver Scarab back. Yu wastes no time following up his counter strike with a well-placed Sonic Wave.

“Yeah! That’s it, Yu!” Gingka says excitedly.

“Excellent, Yu!” Yami added, his previously worries now fading away.

“Alright, Yu!” cheers Madoka.

“Whoo-hoo!” Anzu cheered.

“You got her now, Yu!” Kenta pipes up.

“Alright!” Benkei bolstered.

“Do it, little man!” said Honda.

“You got dis!” Jonouchi followed.

Ferrah looks at her bey. Then she flips her gaze up at Yu. “Not bad.” She smiles callously. “Let’s see how well you handle this.” Ferrah snaps her fingers. Silver Scarab charges forward full speed. It drifts beneath the sand without breaking pace.

“Wha? It went under again?” Yugi says, watching the battle from within the Millennium Puzzle. “But why? Unless…” He ponders the thought. “Farrah found a way around Flame Libra’s defense.”

“Why did her bey dive down again?” Yami looks at Gingka. Apparently, Gingka is sharing the same thought.

“Ferrah may have found a way through his defense,” Yami tells Gingka.


“By hiding under the sand, Silver Scarab can attack without warning, leaving Yu with little chance to defend against it,” says Yami.

“Then he’s gotta get outta there. He’s gotta avoid her attacks,” Gingka says with urgency. Then he calls to Yu, warning him of Ferrah’s plan.

Yu looks back in shock.

Ferrah laughs triumphantly. “You’re too late!” When she swung her arm up, Silver Scarab bursts from under the sand. However, its trajectory carries above Flame Libra. “This battle’s over!” Ferrah declared. “Special Move! Moonlight Burst!” Silver Scarab flashes brightly before unleashing an intense colonm of white light, swallowing both beys within it.

Suddenly, a beam of green light emerges and pushes upward. Yu had called out Flame Libra’s special move – Inferno Blast. This is the attack he used in Survival Bladers to eliminate a massive number of bladers at once. It has aided him a number of times in battle. Now Yu hopes it will help again against Ferrah.

“So, you still have got fight in you. Good. It’ll make this victory all the more sweeter!” says Ferrah with a wicked grin. Silver Scarab’s Moonlight Burst glows brighter. It begins pushing back.

“I’m not going to lose!” Yu hollers back. With a silent command, Flame Libra counters back. The beams of light become balanced again. The resounding shockwaves of the dueling powers resonate throughout the area. Gingka and Yami brace themselves but remain vigilant of Yu’s battle.

“Come on, Yu!” hollers Gingka.

“Stand firm, Yu!” Yami followed up.

Inside the barrier, Madoka reads the data she has collected from the battle. Running different scenarios, she has come to an awful conclusion. “This is bad,” she says.

“What is it, Madoka?” asked Anzu.

“Both Flame Libra and Silver Scarab use sonic vibrations to launch their attacks. Right now, both beys are vibrating at high frequency.” Madoka shows the data to everyone. “If this keeps up, both beys will suffer catastrophic damage,” she says just as the simulation shows both beyblades exploding.

“No way, are you serious?” Kenta asked urgently.

“We gotta find a way to warn Yu before its too late!” bolsters Benkei.

“That may be easier said than done,” Honda says. “They can’t hear us, remember?”

“But still, we gotta do something,” Kenta says with concern.

“What can we do?” Madoka worriedly adds.

“Have faith in them,” Jonouchi spoke up. “Just because they can’t hear what we’re saying doesn’t mean they don’t know what we’re feeling.”

“Uh, I don’t get it,” said Benkei, scratching his head.

“Hmm, I think I do,” says Kenta. “Gingka and Yu can’t hear is in here, but they know that we’re cheering for them and supporting them. So, we have to believe in them no matter what. Is that about right, Jonouchi?”

“Yep, that’s it pal,” Jonouchi replies.

“Katsuya’s right. If Yu is as strong a blader as you said then we have to believe that he can pull through,” Anzu says.

“You’re right, Anzu. And the same goes for Gingka and Yugi,” Madoka adds.

“Now yer gettin’ it!” Jonouchi says wearing a wide grin. “So, what if they can’t hear us, that shouldn’t stop us from cheering our pals on. So, who’s with me?”

“I’m in!” Kenta piped up.

“Count me in, too!” bolsters Benkei.

“Hey, don’t leave me out!” says Honda. Then he leans in close to Jonouchi. “Uh, hey, not sure if you noticed this,” he says so only Katsuya can hear him. “But doesn’t Madoka look like a cuter version of Anzu?”

“Don’t let Mizaki hear you say that, she’ll pound you one,” Jonouchi warned. “And speaking of which…”

Unknown to Honda, Anzu Mizaki is standing at his back with angry pout with Madoka beside her. “And what exactly do you mean by that, Hitoro?” she hissed.

Honda slowly turns his head. He sees the seething angry in her eyes. Honda has the defuse the situation quick or Anzu will trounce him with help from Madoka. “H-Hey, Anzu. We were just talking about you?” he says awkwardly with a nervous chuckle.

“While I appreciate the compliment, what you said was just mean!” Madoka shot at him.

“Yeah, what’re trying to say, Honda?! I’m not cute?!” Aznu snapped.

“Aww man, Katsuya, help me out – eh?” Honda looked to Jonouchi for help from an angry Anzu only to find that he had abandoned him to be with Benkei and Kenta. “Oh, some friend you are!” he yells.

“I don’t even know you, dude,” Jonouchi says casually before returning his attention to Kenta and Benkei.

“Aw come on!” snapped Honda. Feeling her glare burning him, he looks back at Anzu. He smiles nervously. “So Anzu, Madoka. How’s it going?”

“How’s it going?!” Anzu and Madoka spat at him.

“You’ve got some nerve, Hitoro Honda! I’ve had people tell me I’m cute! In fact, I’m freaking adorable to some!” Anzu yelled.

“Hasn’t anyone told you that you have to be sensitive to girls’ feelings?” said Madoka.

“Man, how do I get myself into these messes?” Honda asked himself.