Xeo Nexus Episode 1: Guardian – Chapter 10!!

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Chapter 10

The complex is dark and gloomy.  Rats have infested the desolate buildings that were partially demolished and left hung open, rotting like an open wound.  The night time sky had darkened to a black satin as an angry thunderstorm began to rage overhead. They park the car near the entrance and exit the vehicle.  “T, just what was the deal with that dude flyin’, man?” Max said as the three of them were walking across the parking lot. 

“I shot him, didn’t I?” T said. 

“Yeah, but what if he comes back,” Max said nervously, “I mean if he can fly and dodge bullets, then…” 

“Then what?  He’s more powerful than a locomotive.  Dude is not Superman,” T shot back. 

“Yo, T, I agree with Max,” Damon said as they stopped walking, “Suppose that kid comes back.  All you did was cap him in the shoulder.” 

“And he hit the ground!” T said raising his voice, “Look, there ain’t no way that that punk is going to get up after grinding into the ground like that.  And if he shows up, I’ll just bust another cap in his other shoulder.” 

No sooner than T finished his sentence, an intenese bolt of lightning crashes into the ground creating several cracks in the concrete.  The men shield themselves from the lightning as it struck the ground.  The men turn back around to see a bright glowing object that’s crackling with electricity.  The light from the object was so bright and intense that they could barely keep their eyes open.  The object was pulsating with electrical power and intense brightness.  T, Max, and Damon squint their eyes to see what the object was, but the bright light radiating from it made it difficult.  Suddenly the object begins to move and rise up.  Not an object, but a figure stood in front of them glowing and crackling with the power of lightning.  “What is it, man?” Max asked.  As they stood there gawking at the figure, the bright light shrouding it begins to dim and then finally fading revealing the figure’s identity.  They all stand in shock when they see who it is. 

“No way.  Un uh, no way, man,” Damon said in disbelief.  T and Max were speechless; they couldn’t believe the sight of the figure in front of them, for they realized who it is. 

“Miss me?” Brayden said with a seething tone. 

“No way.  No freakin’ way!  I shot you!  I SHOT YOU!!” T shouted angrily. 

“Oh yeah, that reminds me.  I have something of yours,” Brayden said with a wicked look in his eyes.  He charges his left thumb and index finger with lightning and raises his left hand to his right shoulder.  As he holds his electrically charged thumb and finger over the bullet wound in his shoulder, small streaks of lightning emit from the two fingers and wrap around the bullet.  He extracts the bullet and holds it between his thumb and finger.  “I think this is yours.  Like my mom always told me, ‘Always return someone’s property when you are done with it’,” Brayden says, burning T with his gaze.

Without warning, Brayden flicks the bullet. T yells as he is struck in the shoulder with such force that he is spun around. Max and Damon look in horror before mustering up enough courage to quickly pull out their guns and point them at Brayden with trembling hands.

“I don’t think you’ll need those.” Brayden says coldly and then snaps his fingers. Max and Damon drop their weapons as their hands are electrocuted.  Frightened by Brayden’s display of his power, Max and Damon turn and run towards the sports car with the thought of escaping, only to stop abruptly at the sight of Brayden sitting on the trunk of the car.  “I think you guys have a little car trouble,” he says as he hops off the car and stands behind it. He steps toward the passenger door. Then he punches through the window, grabs the door and rips it from it hinges. With the door still in hand, Brayden, casting a cold glare strolls towards Damon and Max who instinctively take a step back. They are locked in his soulless gaze. Suddenly, Brayden whips around and hurls the door with such force that it smashes through the other side of the car, taking the driver door with it and lifting the vehicle briefly off its wheels before it slams back down.

 “You might need some body work done,” he said coldly as he dropped the car.  Max and Damon were frozen with fear as Brayden walked towards them slowly with an angry look in his eyes.  “Now you are going to pay for taking my mother’s life,” he said with rage in his eyes.  He extends his right arm at a slight angle downward.  His eyes begin to glow as he creates a ball of lightning while he continues to stroll slowly toward Max and Damon, who were both bound by their fear. 

“Wait.” said a voice.  Brayden stops walking, and Max and Damon turn around to see who was talking.  It was T.  His shoulder was bleeding badly as tried to remain conscious from the large amount of blood loss.  “We…we were just…doing what…we were told to do,” T said breathing heavily, “You…were supposed to be…the original target.” 

“Who told you to destroy my house and kill my mother?!  Who told you to come after me?!” Brayden said very sternly.  T didn’t answer.  Instead he began to chuckle wickedly.  Agitated by T’s ignorance, Brayden aims his lightning sphere at him.  “Who gave the order?!” he shouted. 

“Let’s…just say… you already…know him.” T said as he starts to lose consciousness. 

Brayden becomes even more aggravated by T’s resistance, “WHO!”  He charges his sphere to a higher intensity.  T continues to chuckle weakly at Brayden until he passes out and collapses.  After that, Brayden aims the sphere back at Max and Damon, who are still unable to move.

“Well, well, well, look at who we have here,” said a voice from the apartment building next to Brayden.  Brayden was surprised when he recognized the voice.  “Fancy seeing you here…loser,” Derrick said as he walked out from the shadows of the half-demolished building.