Why Marvel Why?!?!?

Spoiler Alert the following rant contains information from Amazing Spiderman issue 700. You have been warned.

So in his final dying days Doctor Otto “Octopus” Octavius was able to invade the mind of Peter “Spiderman” Parker leaving Peter in his broken dying shell. despite his best efforts Peter was unable to reverse the switch before Octavius’s body died with his consciousness in it. But he was able to instill his morals into Otto who in turn vowed he would be a superior Spiderman. In all my years of reading comics never have i been more saddened by a story and infuriated with a writer. Possibly the greatest character Marvel has, a staple in their universe is now permanently mind jacked by one of his greatest enemies how is this a good thing and then apparently he retires goes into hiding under a new name in Chicago somewhere in the future Dan Slott I love this run but how could you do this to Pete you betray him and are besmirching his memory…………..WHY?!?!?

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