Voice actors from Big Hero 6 reprise their roles in Kingdom Hearts III!!

Kingdom Hearts III is shaping up to be the best in the series by taping into more Disney movies than ever before. The official Twitter account for the long awaited sequel ten years in the making announced that the original cast from Big Hero 6 will be returning to their roles for the game.

This includes:
Ryan Potter as Hiro Yamada
Jamie Chung as Go Go Tomago
Scott Adsit as Baymax
Khary Payton as Wasabi No-Ginger (reprising role from television series not film)
Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon

The third entry in Disney/Square Enix collaboration launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Japan on January 25, 2019, followed by the Western release on January 29. Confirmed worlds include Monsters Inc., Frozen, Big Hero 6, Tangled and the return of Olympus Coliseum.

Music producer and DJ, Skrillex, who has worked with popular musicians such as Justin Beiber and Johnathan Davis of KoRN, collaborates with Poo Bear and Utada Hikaru for the song “Face My Fears.”

The game’s soundtrack was written by longtime series composer Yoko Shimomura, and features additional contributions from Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito. As with the first two main Kingdom Hearts games, it will have a theme song written and performed by Utada Hikaru , titled “Chikai” in Japanese and “Don’t Think Twice” in English. It will serve as the game’s ending theme. An additional theme, titled “Face My Fears” by Skrillex, Poo Bear, and Utada, will be used for the opening of the game. Skrillex, who is a fan of the series, originally intended to remix “Don’t Think Twice”, before creating “Face My Fears”, which will also have a Japanese version. Both “Face My Fears” and “Don’t Think Twice” will be released on January 18, 2019

Game series director Tetsuya Nomura said during Tokyo Game Show in September that Kingdom Hearts III is “most definitely not the end of Kingdom Hearts. I’d like to continue Sora’s story.” Nomura again confirmed that the game will be the final game with Xehanort as the main enemy. Nomura also revealed during the event that the game will have a secret movie, but the staff are still deciding on how to implement the secret movie into the game.