Unknown Japan 6 at PhilaMOCA

Are you interested in Japanese movie culture? Perhaps just old movies with funny special effects? Either way, you can enjoy a nice helping of both, every wednesday, absolutely free of charge at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art, also known as PhilaMOCA. Free popcorn too.

From the Unknown Japan website:
Unknown Japan is a free biannual series (winter + summer) of rare Japanese films presented at various venues throughout the city of Philadelphia. All selected films have never received a VHS/DVD/VOD release outside of their country of origin (with the occasional exception of a film that may have been released in some form in a country other than the U.S., odds are you’ll never have heard of it regardless).

A friend and I went to see “Samurai Pirate” yesterday. All showings begin at 7:30. The showing room was a nice medium size and the seating was quite comfortable, with well-distributed chairs and a few couches here and there. The projector screen was plenty big enough to see from anywhere in the room, so the subtitles were easy to read. It felt like an organized movie club you would attend at college. Everyone was very friendly and although the popcorn was free, they were selling a good variety of snacks and drinks, including Kit-Kat bars, FTW.

The best part of all was how good the movie was! We did not expect to get so many laughs out of the old Japanese film from 1963, but the humor was surprisingly tasteful, even to todays standards.

Here’s the lineup of movies. Unfortunately the last showing of the Summer will be in mid-September, meaning there are only two films left to catch. But according to the announcement that was made after yesterdays film, they are saving the best ones for last!

WED August 7, 2013 @ PhilaMOCA : Summer Time Machine Blues (2005)
WED August 14, 2013 @ PhilaMOCA : Peach Boy (1956)
WED August 21, 2013 @ PhilaMOCA : Summer Garden (1994)
WED August 28, 2013 @ PhilaMOCA : Samurai Pirate (1963)
WED September 4, 2013 @ PhilaMOCA : The Drifting Classroom (1987)
WED September 11, 2013 @ PhilaMOCA : Farewell to the Summer Light (1968)
All features are shown with English subtitles.

All screenings are free, presented digitally and begin at 7:30pm.
Free popcorn is provided by the JASGP.
Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA)
531 N. 12th Street (12th/Spring Garden)

And here is some footage from the next movie that will be shown on WED September 4, 2013. It was directed by the same people who directed the Japanese horror cult classic House aka Hausu.

Thank you Alexandria G. for informing us of this event!