Trial by Fire!! Gotham S2 Ep.6 Recap!!



Butch goes to Theo Galavan to find out where Penguin’s mother is being held. Selina and Bridget rob a human trafficking ring which is seen on the television by Gordon. Alfred trains Bruce to fight. While helping her leave Gotham, Bridget is kidnapped by men. Selina tries to fight them off but to no avail. She heads back to her apartment to collect weapons so she can rescue Bridget. Jim Gordon then kicks in the door and aims his gun. He puts his gun down and asks about the girl she was with. Selina tells him about Bridget and her abusive brothers. Mike and Joe tie Bridget up and force her to rejoin their family. However, Bridget becomes fed up with her brothers and she torches them. Bridget is found on the roof of a building by Selina. She declares to go after people like her brothers. Selina opposes her idea. She later calls Jim Gordon and tells him where he can find Bridget. The GCPD arrive at the building where Bridget has freed the woman imprisoned there. Jim tries to reason with Bridget but she does listen. She sprays fire wildly, keeping the police at while unaware that the hose to the tank on her back is damaged. Bridget inadvertently sets herself on fire. Meanwhile, Theo Galavan is wise to Butch’s deception. Galavan invites Bruce Wayne to dinner where he persuades Bruce to allow him to help with the corruption in Wayne Enterprises. Gordon learns from Selina that Penguin is the one who hired the Pike Brothers and Penguin gathers his men to rescue his mother.


I’ve said it before and it needs to be said again. Theo Galavan is one wicked sonuva buck. He will stop at nothing and use anyone to get his revenge against the Wayne family for banishing his family name, Dumas, from existence. First he systematically destroys Wayne Enterprises owned establishments and now he looking for a way to squeeze himself into a cushy spot in Wayne Enterprises by winning over Bruce Wayne. And let’s not forgot about his “run” for mayor and his canned supporters. He has roped both Gordon and Bruce into supporting him along with a city councilman (with some very invasive persuasion). Theo is so careful it’s scary. It didn’t take long for him to sniff out Butch’s ruse of him defecting from Penguin. He is proving to be a very formidable opponent for everyone and what’s better is that he hiding in plain sight with no one being the wiser. Theo Galavan has truly played this stinkin’ city like a harp from hell.


How do you lose a girl in sixty seconds? You tell her you killed her ex-boyfriend in cold blood. Edward Nygma has finally gotten Kristin Kryngle to be his girl and everything was going smoothly. He could be happy now. That voice inside his head can finally shut up. All he had to do was keep what he did secret. Simple. But poor Ed tells Kristin he killed Tom Dougherty, thinking that it would ease her worry of him returning. Sorry Ed but wrong-o. Kristin become fearful of Ed and he tries to calm her down but he inadvertently chokes her to death. Remember, Edward had a psychotic breakdown when he killed Tom Dougherty and he hated Tom for what he was doing to Kristin. How bad will he lose it now that he killed the only woman he has ever loved? For one thing, it is not going to be pretty. Edward Nygma has become the very man he hated. Let’s get ready to welcome the return of Evil Eddie.

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