Tragic shooting at Batman screening leaves 12 dead, 58 wounded. Christopher Nolan speaks

James Eagan Holmes, age 24

Aurora, Colorado. — As The Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie played on the screen, a man dressed in black, wearing a helmet, body armor, and a gas mask entered through a side doorway in the theater.  At first he was thought to be a stunt to coincide with the film, sadly he was not. The mysterious figure threw down a canister of tear gas and once that disoriented the crowd, began his shooting spree. He opened fire on the crowd, but seemed to have been targeting people who tried to escape the theater. One person was struck in the adjacent theater from a bullet that came through the wall.

His name, James Eagan Holmes age 24.

Holmes, was a graduate student from San Diego who was in the process of withdrawing from the neuroscience program at the University of Colorado-Denver medical school.


“He looked like an assassin ready to go to war,” said Jordan Crofter, a moviegoer who was unhurt in the incident.

“He would reload and shoot and anyone who would try to leave would just get killed,” said Jennifer Seeger, adding that she was burned by the bullet casings that were landing on her forehead.

This shooting is known as the deadliest in Colorado since the Columbine High School massacre in suburban Denver in 1999, where two students killed 12 classmates and a teacher and wounded 26 others before killing themselves.

Within minutes 200 police officers, ambulances and emergency crews arrive at the theater. Holmes was captured in the parking lot. Later when they try to investigate his apartment, they find his residence  laced with various booby-traps containing flammable and unknown hazardous chemicals.

Christopher Nolan released this statement on the horrific event:

“Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises, I would like to express our profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy that has befallen the entire Aurora community. I would not presume to know anything about the victims of the shooting but that they were there last night to watch a movie. I believe movies are one of the great American art forms and the shared experience of watching a story unfold on screen is an important and joyful pastime. The movie theatre is my home, and the idea that someone would violate that innocent and hopeful place in such an unbearably savage way is devastating to me. Nothing any of us can say could ever adequately express our feelings for the innocent victims of this appalling crime, but our thoughts are with them and their families.”
Our deepest condolences go out to all the families involved in such a horrific ordeal.

I hope the media takes this and understands that these are the acts of a disturbed individual, and not look to blame the comic or film industry for the attack, creating hysteria.

If anyone is to blame it should be James Eagan Holmes, the gunman.

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