Tokyo Babylon 2021 project officially canceled!!

Hey there, J1 fans!

Just found some not-so-good news. The official website for the anime Tokyo Babylon 2021 has stated it will be impossible to continue due to repeated discussions with the committee. Apparently, the discussions were about the characters’ designs that were said to be imitations of designs that are under copyright.

Here’s the statement from the website:

After the recent discovery of ‘copycat plagiarism’ by the animation production company, the committee has been reviewing all of our products to ensure compliance and to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. As a result, unfortunately, we have discovered that there are many other imitation plagiarisms in addition to the two character costume settings that were pointed out to us.

The Production Committee sincerely apologizes for this inadequate management against the production company.

As a result of repeated discussions within the production committee, we have decided that it is impossible to continue production due to the lack of trust with the current production company, and we have decided to cancel the production of the “TOKYO BABYLON 2021″ project. After discussing with CLAMP and the production committee, we have decided to start anew with a completely new production system.”

Tokyo Babylon 2021 website, Twitter and Instagram page will shutdown on April 30. The anime itself was expected to premiere also in April.

Source: Tokyo Babylon 2021 official website

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