THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate reveal the next Darksiders title!!

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate drop a teaser trailer for the next installment in the Darksiders franchise. The next installment, titled Darksiders Genesis, moves from the third person view set by the previous releases and borrows a page from Blizzard’s Diablo series. Darksiders Genesis will be a top-down action adventure title.

In this action RPG spinoff, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse Strife is called upon to save the destruction of humankind at the hands of Lucifer. True to its roots, the game will feature intense action, exploration, puzzle solving, epic boss battles and serpent holes from heaven to hell.

Fans of Diablo III will have good vibes about this game while Darksiders fans will be happy to the intense action return to the series. No launch date for Darksiders Genesis have yet to be announced.