The Virtual Console has been “Switch-ed” off!

If you were looking to play classic titles on your brand new Nintendo Switch and take the old school gaming on the road, well you are S.O.L. Nintendo has said that they will not be bringing the Virtual Console to their hot selling system as they have done with previous consoles. The fate of the Virtual Console was unclear before the Switch launched last Spring. It first appeared on the Wii in 2006. Nintendo neither confirmed or denied whether it would add Virtual Console to its latest system. However, other companies such as Square Enix, Capcom and SNK have released or plan to release classic games on platforms outside of Virtual Console, thus making it clear that the Switch will not be getting Virtual Console like its predecessors Wii U, Wii and 3DS. What Nintendo is planning to do is work with retro specialist Hamster to bring classic arcade games to the Switch under the “Arcade Archive” title. Sega announced last month that they will bring their vintage console and arcade titles to Switch.

Fans of the Switch were hoping for Nintendo to allows games purchased in the Virtual Console store to be played on the Switch, saving the trouble of repurchasing the game. Having this feature would certainly draw in more consumers and please current Switch owners who want to go old days of playing with a bud. Sadly, this has not come to fruition. Nintendo has yet to make any efforts regarding this matter. Players will have to settle on Nintendo’s reissued classic consoles, NES mini (which returns to store shelves this Summer) and Super NES mini. Virtual Console is still active on Wii U and 3DS but not for long on the Wii. Nintendo will be shutting down the Wii Shop channel permanently next year. But there may be a ray of hope for Switch owners who wish for classic title. Nintendo will be starting up Nintendo Switch Online. The online multiplayer service, which starts up in September, will bring at least 20 games from the days on the NES. The home of Mario says they will add more titles as part of the online service. What long term plans for those games and the names of the games themselves is up in the air.

Source: Polygon