The Pied Piper sounds off!! The Flash S1 Ep.11 Recap!!



While home, Dr. Wells receives a threatening call from an unidentified person before having to use super speed to move out of the way of his glass ceiling shattering around him. Wells already suspects a former employee named Hartley Rathaway. He tells Det. West that Hartley left a year ago after him and he had a falling out. While Barry shows West how Hartley is able to manipulate sound waves, Eddie Thawne informs them of an attack at Rathaway Industries. The Flash arrives and stops Hartley from destroying the building. Hartley reveals a secret about Wells. Hartley is taken to the holding cell in Star Labs where he reveals Wells’ secret. Wells tells Cisco, Caitlin and Barry that Hartley warned him about the particle accelerator instability but Wells refused to listen. Back at Star Labs, Cisco is examining Hartley sound producing devices and discovers that they weren’t operating at full power. He rushes to the holding cell after figuring out that Hartley wanted to be captured. Just as Cisco approaches the cell, it explodes and Hartley walks out. Hartley recovers his sound devices and leaves without further incident. Later, Wells calls a press conference where he reveals his failure in listening to Hartley. However, Hartley doesn’t buy into Wells’ sacrifice of his credibility and contacts him at Star Labs, issuing a challenge to him and the Flash. Cisco tracks Hartley to Cleveland Dam. Flash arrives and confronts Hartley again only to be taken down by Hartley’s sound devices after it is discovered that he stole Barry’s DNA specs.

Andy Mientus portrays Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper

Andy Mientus portrays Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper

Every week it seems like somebody new is joining the cast. However, this week’s baddie has a vendetta against Harrison Wells, not the Flash. Hartley Rathaway used to be Wells protégé until Wells hired Cisco Ramon which causes immediate friction. One year ago, Rathaway warned Wells about the particle accelerator not being stable but Wells fires him. Rathaway reemerges as a villain who can generate sound waves. Comic fans will recall Hartley Rathaway as the rogue named Pied Piper. Just like in the comic, Hartley was fascinated with sound and created sonic devices. However, instead of a flute, Hartley has gauntlets that can generate powerful sonic blasts. After allowing himself to be captured by the Flash, he reveals a dark secret about Harrison Wells. No, it’s not that Wells can walk or that he has a connection to the man in the yellow suit. It’s that the whole accident with the particle accelerator could have been prevented if Wells had listened to Rathaway when he warned him. This causes immediate dissention amongst Cisco, Caitlin and Barry who all trusted Wells. Realizing that he may lose the only people who respect him (and put a halt of his plans for Barry), Wells throws himself under the bus by dropping the particle accelerator bomb (so to speak) at a press conference. But that isn’t all of Wells secrets. We’ve seen the yellow suit. We know he can actually walk. And now our suspicions about him may ring true. When Hartley escapes from the holding cell made from the remains of the particle accelerator, Wells runs, at Flash speed, to stop Hartley but he crumbles to the ground. It is revealed later that he is using tachyon technology to recharge his speed force energy. Well has the yellow suit. He can run at super speed. And he has future events about the Flash. Yup, he’s Zoom/Eobard Thawne. According to DC comic mythos, there is a long standing feud between the Allens and Thawnes that lasted into Eobard’s time. Well, we got an ancestor of Eobard Thawne, Eddie Thawne, in the series. And Barry Allen is supposed to marry Isis West. Could this be the jump start to the feud?

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