The mutants return to take the field for a new season!!

mutant_league_football-photo-mainLand mines. Booby traps. Explosions. Dismembered body parts. No, it’s not another Resident Evil title. If you grew up in the era of grunge bands, Beavis and Butthead and Desert Storm, then you remember one of the most violent sports games ever created–Mutant League Football. Released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis, the game took an oddball take on the sport with macabre monster, a satirical sense of humor and comic violence. The game became a cult classic among fans and, like many other franchises from that era, the MLF faded into gaming history.

Well, guess what? Michael Mendheim, creator of the original Mutant League Football, is looking to revive the franchise under the carefully title Mutant Football League. With Kickstarter and fans’ support, he plans to release his Mutant Football League game on PC / Steam, Xbox LIVE, PSN, as well as on iOS and Android tablets. In the MFL game, mutants and monster take the field to battle it out to see who will reign supreme. The game will feature a host of goodies. You can choose which Mutant Football League team you wants to play as from a variety of teams with different characters, play styles, strengths and weaknesses. Once you decide you can either jump right into the savagery of the sport or you can customize the game to your own individual tastes such as quarter lengths, brutality level, play modes, etc. You can also create your own team, your team colors, name and logo. You can pick the players on your team (species types and positions they play), give your players names, adjust their ratings and select your coach. Once teams and options are chosen, the carnage can begin.

mutant_football_league_screenshotThe game will be viewed Tecmo style which gives the feel of watching a real football game. Make a good hit and the camera will zoom in on the action, giving you a close up view of the blood stain that used to be a team mate. There will be different races to choose from including Mutants, the Undead, Monsters and more. As it stands, Michael is gathering funds to move this project along with a proposed goal of $750,000 by October 16. Hopefully, Michael meets his goal and we get to see the return of a true sports classic and once again laugh dead in our friend’s face when we turn his team into a bloody smear on the field.

Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, Matt Helgeson, Kim Wallace, Ben Reeves, and Jason Oestreicher play the classic Genesis title.

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