The Flash Season 1 Finale!! OMG!!



Eobard Thawne explains his purpose for traveling back in time. He tells Barry that he can travel back in time to save his mother. Barry discusses the idea with his friends. Stein tells him the risks involved while Joe suggests that he do it to restore his family. Barry visits his father who is against the idea. He then talks with Iris who tells him to follow his heart. Barry returns to Star Labs. Eobard tells him how to travel through time. Barry, Ronnie and Cisco find the parts to Thawne’s machine but discover a problem which Cisco discusses with Thawne. He tells Eobard that he remembers the alternate timeline in which he is killed by him. Thawne reveals that Cisco was affected when the particle accelerator exploded. In the lab, Stein discovers a problem with the calculations. The matter is discusses with Eobard Thawne who tells them that Barry must return to prevent a black hole from forming. After Robbie and Caitlin are married, everyone returns to the lab. Barry enters the accelerator and begins running until he creates a wormhole that returns him to the night his mother is killed. Barry waits for his other self and Thawne to leave and goes to his mother Nora, revealing himself to her. Eobard Thawne prepares to return to the future when he is stopped by Barry. A fight between the speedsters ensues while Caitlin and Robbie attempt to shut down the wormhole as it destabilizes. The wormhole is shut down. Eobard has Barry beaten and ready to deliver the final blow when a gunshot rings out. Eddie Thawne had shot himself which erases Eobard Thawne from existence. However, a new wormhole opens up and grows rapidly in size, hovering over Central City. Stein believes the only way to stop it is to disrupt it. With no other choice, Barry gives his friends one more look before he speeds to the wormhole to stop it.


Oh my G-O-S-H!! What an amazing end to another awesome show! Not once has the Flash disappointed at all in its fledgling season and this finale shows it! As we have already guessed, Flashpoint was used as a guide for this series and it all comes full circle in the finale. Just in the aforementioned title, Flash goes back in time to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash. The journey to this point was very emotional for Barry. Here he has a chance to save his mother and he is getting various views on what to do. He finally decides to return to the past but he does take the chance to save her. Instead, he assures her that he and his father are alright. Guess the only thing he really wanted to do was say goodbye properly and give her peace of mind in her final moments. He returns to his time, confronts Eobard Thawne and is about to lose when he is saved by an unlikely hero. Eddie Thawne took the bullet (pun intended) on this one where he kills himself and erases his descendant from existence. With this, the Allen/Thawne feud will now never come to pass according to here. Now we head into another arc, Crisis of Infinite Earths. This will be explored for a little bit. Oh, did you see Jay Garrick’s helmet fall out of the wormhole. Yup, major Easter egg. While watching the final moments of the finale, that moment where I forget I’m watching a TV series came again. This has the BEST effects ever seen in a television series! The wormhole over Central City was just awesome to see! The scene was nothing short of movie quality! The Flash has gone beyond expectations, far surpassing any other live action comic series including its 1990 predecessor. With this current road unerring, the Scarlet Speedster has nowhere else to go except forward and get better.

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