The Descent of Ryan Hardy!! The Following S3 Two-Hour Event Recap!!



Daisy and Mark meet with Theo and plot against Ryan Hardy. Ryan tries to patch things with Gwen and later at the FBI, Mike attempts to help Ryan get back off the wagon. Theo receives a message from Eliza. He goes to meet with her which turns out to be an ambush which Theo sniffed out. Mark, Daisy and Penny take out the camouflaged shooters and Theo shoots Eliza’s men. He takes their phone and returns home where he hacks into it and discovers Tom Reyes. Mark and Daisy pay a visit to Tom who still has Erin’s body in his home and take a picture of him. Daisy hands Tom a USB for him to place in the FBI server. Meanwhile, Max and Ryan follow a lead on Penny tracking her to her last known address. They spot Penny and chase her through abandoned homes and lose her. Mike calls them to inform that Erin has been killed. Ryan sends Max to the scene of Erin’s murder while he gathers information about Theo from Penny whom he captured. At FBI HQ, Tom is called and given a new task by Mark—to bring him Mike Weston. At the apartment, Ryan tortures Penny to for information about her brother. At the same time, Max discovers something horrible about Tom and Tom follows through with handing Mike over to Mark Grey.


At an abandoned warehouse, the deal between Mark and Tom goes bust with Mark throwing acid in Tom’s face and Daisy killing him afterward. Theo shows up to stop Mark from killing Mike. He calls Ryan Hardy after learning that he has Penny and offers a trade. Unable to get in contact with Ryan, Max and Lisa head to his apartment where they tell him about Mike missing to which Ryan pretends to have no knowledge. Lisa gets a call about Tom Reyes’ death and leaves with Max. However, Max returns to Ryan’s apartment to find him with Penny. He reveals to her everything about Mike’s kidnapping and Theo holding him prisoner. At an abandoned mansion, Mike is being held captive by Theo and Mark. He manages to escape by knocking Daisy out and using her knife to free himself. Mark and Theo return to find that Mike has escaped. They search the house for him until Mark catches Mike in the foyer. Daisy, after realizing Mark will betray her, shoots him. Afterward, Mike is loaded into a van. Theo calls Ryan to make the trade at a New York theatre. Ryan arrives that night with Penny, enters the theatre and heads to the main stage where he and Theo make the trade. Max finds Daisy hidden in the balcony and stops her from shooting Ryan. Theo frees Penny and runs off with her. Ryan does the same for Mike and chases after Theo and they engage in a shootout with Penny being shot by Ryan. Failing in keeping his sister safe, Theo leaves with Daisy. Later, Ryan is chewed out by Lisa for his actions and is sent to an AA class. Meanwhile, Mike and Max rekindle their relationship in a parking garage. Mark shows up and stabs Mike repeatedly in his back. He yanks Max from her car and is about to kill her when Mike shoots him. Max calls for an ambulance for Mike who is slowly dying.

Drowning deep in my sea of loathing/Broken your servant I kneel(Will you give in to me?)/It seems what’s left of my human side/Is slowly changing in me(Will you give in to me?)

Looking at my own reflection/When suddenly it changes/Violently it changes (oh no)/There is no turning back now
You’ve woken up the demon in me ~~~”Down With the Sickness” by Disturbed


The above lyric is exactly the theme for Ryan Hardy right now. Since picking up the bottle again, he is seeing a lot more of Joe Carroll than he would like. And it appears that Joe is slowly being reborn through Ryan. When he kidnaps Penny, Ryan is goaded by Carroll to torture her, using methods worthy of the deceased cult leader thus sending him deeper into the abyss. His lost his girl and is now losing his mind and himself. This illustrates just how much Joe Carroll has truly won by doing the one thing others have tried to do—break Ryan Hardy. Because to truly destroy a man is to destroy his spirit. This also applies to Tom Reyes who has already been found out by Erin to be the mole. Tom was an upstanding agent until he took Daisy’s laptop and used it to spy on Max. From that moment, it was all downhill. He lost respect for himself and compromised his coworkers. And now he has a dead agents in his bath tub. I figured it was only a matter of time before Mark and Daisy run in with him. They back him into a corner with a photo of him with Erin’s body, and further rubs hot salt in the wound by forcing Tom to betray Mike Weston which wasn’t hard for him since he did catch Mike sleeping with Max whom he was dating at the time. In the end, Tom got what he deserved and Ryan is finally told by Gwen that he is going to be a daddy. Now Ryan has an incentive to better himself. That is if Joe Carroll has anything to say about it.

But Ryan Hardy’s very complicated life is only about to get more interesting. The spirit breaking continues with Theo who has lost his spirit, his sister Penny, at the hands on Ryan Hardy. There is no doubt that he will do whatever it takes to make sure Ryan pays for breaking him (this is something he will not admit, though). And finally, both Mike and Mark get what they wanted, each other dead. Their quest for revenge against the other has ultimately led to their mutually assured destruction. But will Mike Weston live to fight another day?

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