The Pirate of Dark Water!! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.10 Recap!!


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Hook, with his newly acquired dark powers, challenges Gold to a duel on his ship. Regina and the others try to figure out Hook’s plan. Emma offers to help but none of her family and friends, especially Henry, trust her. Zelena heads to the hospital to claim her daughter but Regina has already hidden the child. Hook sees Emma at Regina’s house with harsh words for her. Afterward, Emma speaks with Gold at his shop and gives him the squid ink to use against Hook. However, Gold insists on facing him as is. At the library, Belle, David and Mary Margaret search for a way to stop Hook and recover the dreamcatchers. Henry is met by Emma who ask for his help. After some convincing, Henry agrees. Meanwhile, Zelena is able to see her daughter and the duel between Hook and Gold commences aboard the Jolly Roger. Gold bests Hook and then meets with Belle at the well in order for them to start their relationship anew. Unfortunately, Belle turns Gold down, wanting time to herself. Emma and Henry find the dreamcatchers in the clock tower and use them to restore everyone’s memories including her own. Hook and the spirit of Rumplestiltskin head to the lake where Hook uses the blood he got from Gold to open a portal to the underworld and bring back all the previous Dark Ones. In Camelot, Emma enacts a curse to wipe everyone’s memories of her turning Hook into a Dark One.

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Some people have bad days. Emma is having that and more. She turns the man she loves into the one thing he hates more than anything else in order to save his life without thinking about the consequences. Well, Hook is now a pirate with real power and he quickly descends back into his old ways. Smooth move Emma. She just took a bad situation and made it worse. But it doesn’t stop here. She ends being played for a sucker by Hook who crushes Merlin’s heart to enact a curse that will send him back to Storybrooke so he can get his revenge on the real Rumplestiltskin. Emma stops him but she then covers her track by erasing everyone’s memories of how she turned Hook into a Dark One. It’s a shame that Emma has learned nothing over the course of the series. She has always run her mouth about helping others and not doing things alone and leaning on people you can trust. She clearly hasn’t practiced what she preaches. Emma didn’t trust her family, and friends to help her. Not even her own son who has been at her side since she arrived in Storybrooke. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in the lack of development for Emma’s character. Adding more complex drama to an already complex person doesn’t exactly help them grow. Emma is still quirky and awkward and lacks confidence in herself and in others even after she gained nearly phenomenal power. She has been like this since day one with very little change while everyone else has been through development and are much stronger in their roles. Perhaps the focus this season is on Emma’s character development. Let’s see how far she goes now that she must stop the love of her life for making a horrible mistake.

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Mr. Gold, on the other hand, has gone through great character development and moved into the foreground. No more lurking in the shadows concocting elaborate plans. Gold has become something that he never was—a hero. Gold accepted the challenged issued to him by the Dark Pirate where before he would have found the nearest corner to huddle in. He manages to best Hook but sadly he efforts were in vain. He wants to start a new life with Belle now that his heart is pure but Belle isn’t ready to take him back after having her heart broken so many times by him. Gold will undoubtedly be distraught. Question is will he mend his broken heart by filling it with darkness again or continue to prove himself to win Belle back.