Tekken X Street Fighter “not dead”, says Tekken director!!

The fight still lives on apparently for Tekken X Street Fighter. While fans got the first crossover title “Street Fighter X Tekken” in 2012, the companion release has yet to come to fruition since its announcement in 2010. Several gaming outlets reported that the title was “officially dead” according to an interview on Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada which was translated into English by the channel as saying so. Harada himself took to Twitter, stating that the project has been “shelved” and that the two presenters were in fact talking about other collaborations, not Tekken X Street Fighter.

Interview (timestamped Tekken X Street Fighter talk)

Harada posted in TwitLonger a full explanation regarding the status of Tekken X Street Fighter. The developers are hopeful that the game will eventually be made and that they are waiting for the “right opportunity to continue.” The producer continues on explaining that due to the different company’s timetables, Tekken X Street Fighter affects not only Bandai Namco’s marketing efforts and resources, but Capcom’s as well, making development difficult.

Well, it’s good news to that Tekken X Street Fighter may still happen; however, whenever that may be is anyone’s guess.

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